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VINTAGE THINGIES THURSDAY: Vintage Home Economics Book

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This week, I would like to show you a rather unusual book. might not think it is unusual, but I do. I have never seen one like this book in all of my treasure hunting rounds.

My mom's very dear friend, Latrell gave me this book a few months ago. I was so pleased with this gift and I have enjoyed reading and looking through this little book. It is a real treasure. Little did Latrell know, but my childhood dream was to become a home economics teacher....that never did transpire, but I have a great book to remind me of my dreams. This is one book I will always keep and treasure, it is most special, given by a very special lady, who I am happy to call my friend too.

This is a vintage Home Economics book,titled The Family's Food, dated and copyright 1937.

I could not tell if this was used in High Schools or College, none the less, it is a wealth of information...even for someone who is a fairly decent cook!

Once you look through the sections, read the material, then plan your own are sure to be a success.

I bookmarked this recipe. I tend to shy away from things that have yeast as an ingredient. I was super excited to see that this doughnut recipe does not call for yeast. I am going to try this out in the near future.

Here are some great pictures in the section about setting your table. Just look at all the glassware, and descriptions of each.

How about a section on choosing fine china and descriptions of patterns and colors. I could not believe this was in this little book.

And if that is not enough, how about everyday dishes? A wealth of information. I sure don't have any trouble finding pleasing designs in fact, I tend to find too many that please my eye, so this subject was a little amusing to me.

There are even pictures showing wonderful places to have your meals other than the kitchen table. Does this not look inviting on a summer morning? I loved this photo. Remember this book was issued in 1937!

Here is the back page of the book. Look at the price. That is most definitely a vintage price for sure!

I just could not leave this post without a little bit of color. Here is my sweet little book with a couple of vintage tea towels. I just love the little dog in the flowers, and the red with the red birds is a favorite too. I purchased these at an antique store, and I think I only paid a couple of bucks for them.

Yes, this picture does belong in this post! I just love all my Vintage Thingies Thursdays gals. This post had something to do with cooking, and well, the other night I was slicing onions and this fits in with cooking.....See the heart???? I know I am a bit strange, but I thought that was cute and had to get the camera. Let it serve as a reminder to look closely at everyday never know when a surprise might pop up when you least expect it.

Have a great week everyone! Thanks for showing up every week to share your vintage treasures with us.


  1. I used to work in a bakery, and this is the recipe we used for cake donuts. Only in a much larger quantity of course! Wonderful book.

    My eyes started to water.. then I saw why! :-) Fun that you found that heart in the center.

    I'll try and get a post made up for tomorrow.. then I'll be back with a link.

  2. You will make someone happy by doing this post. I love the onion heart, and your phrase is very true. Thank you very much for being my backup support.

  3. Neat old cookbook! Love the vintage pictures.

  4. oh! Suzanne, I heart that onion photo! will check my onions the next time I slice them just to look for a heart!

  5. Your book and towels are interesting, but what I really love is your onion.

  6. Suzanne, thank you for the comment,It was very sweet.
    I am proud to call you my friend as well. I am glad that you enjoy the book

  7. Great post..I loved those tea towels and that heart in the onion was just too beautiful...yes we do need to slow down and look around us...we miss so many of life's simple pleasures...Have a great week girl!

  8. I know I could spend quite a while reading that book! I love your tea towels too, and the onion is so cool. Maybe you could sell it on Ebay! I like your previous post about making pickles. Reminds me of Grandma. You made my mouth water!

  9. That onion is so cool, Suzanne!

  10. Totally cool post as usual. I really love the old book and that inspires my post for next week. I love tea towels and the onion was too cool. I should pay closer attention to my food :)

  11. i am LOVING that book! I have a similar one by Mrs Beeton and I use it all the time :-)

  12. Love the book - I would really enjoy the part about the dishes, etc. of the day. 1937 was the year my parents were married. Sally

  13. First of all, for the right price, I buy these old books just for the things that you showed. Love the history.
    And then also, the vintage tea towels. I've been picking them up (similar to yours or not) for $1 or less when I find them. They're so special to me...and I use them every day, just like my china!

  14. Great old book. No need to shy away from yeast breads. They like to be handled a lot.

    Love your tea towels. Your heart is perfect.

  15. What a fascinating book...I could sit and look at that one for hours!

  16. love in the midst of an onion?!
    how unexpectedly romantic :)
    i love that may day meal photo. it looks like a perfect place for ANY meal!!
    great book~thanks for sharing

  17. I saw the heart right away--that's so cool. And I just adore books like yours, love to read them. I don't remember having a textbook in Home Ec though.

  18. This is a great posting. What a wonderful book...
    Thanks for hosting this fun event..
    xo bj

  19. Aaawww, love the stinky little heart! I also just LOVE the "melted fat" called for in the recipe, yuck! Thanks again for hosting VTT's!

  20. A wonderful,wonderful book. I would love to add this to my collection.. I have one cookbook that has recipes and info from only Home Ec teachers and I love it. Loved the tea towels..and that little heart is just too sweet. Thank you again Suzanne for getting us all together with our vintage things. This is my favorite day of the week now.. :)

  21. what a fabulous old book!! the gorgeous linens too!! for the heart in the onion, MAGIC!!

  22. That is such a neat book. I love old books. That scene of the dining table could be straight from a current magazine article. It looks so "old world" and inviting! Your tea towels are adorable. If an onion has a heart, does it make your eyes water less when you slice it? laurie

  23. Very nice old book, but I just love the scarf, the work is so nice and the little doggy is too cute.

  24. This is my first time to join in and I just want to start out by telling you that I am sorry and I messed up the link...the first one is a bad link, but the second try...I got it! Can you please take the broken link off?

    I am really going to enjoy this on house is filled with Vintage items.

    Love the book you shared...really neat!


  25. AAHHH,life was gracious back then.
    And more cookbooks just when I am craving a treat........resistance is futile!

  26. The onion photo is so neat!
    I enjoyed your survey of the home economics book, and think that the third china pattern is one of mine!

  27. Great book! Love the glassware...very informative! I've made baking powder doughnuts but they were a drop from the spoon recipe-I'll have to try this rolling out the dough one-I love cake doughnuts!

    Can't wait for tomorrow to hear about the STRESS!

  28. Your Home Economics Book looks just like our most famous cookbook, they must be from the same time. The onion heart is lovely!

  29. I look forward to setting my table with footed goblets and pleasing designs in porcelain! Love the book Colorado lady X

  30. OMGoodness yeast is so NOT my friend!!! I just can't keep messing up recipes w/ me it is too expensive! I love the book...and the little heart...precious...and in an ONION...too funny!! It is almost like the little onion is say don't hate me, LOVE

  31. I love that tiny heart in your red onion! How nice of you to snap a shot for me to see.

    When my nest was empty, I began to go to college--for the first time! I had a dream of becoming a teacher. I pursued that dream and got my degree. I obtained a teaching certificate and taught for 14 years. I say, "Go for it!" It is NOT too late!

  32. Great post today! Hope I can join in next week - this week is busy with craft projects for a 7 yr old GD! What fun!

  33. Suzanne,Happy VTT! Love your post for today! Old cookbooks have always been a favorite of mine! Really missed you and the girls here! Hope you can all stop in and say hello! I'm back and posting!

  34. That has to be such a fun book to look through and read. I sure enjoyed the snippets you shared! :)

    And that doggie dish towel is SWEET!

  35. What a great book! I love reading through old homemakers books and articles.

    I, too, tend to stay away from any recipes that require yeast. I'm definitely going to try out this donut recipe!

  36. I adore old books! Of all kinds!

  37. Oh, what a fun book! How times have changed!

  38. In the Shrek kids movie they say
    "everyone is an onion because they
    have layers' ha ha. (something like that anyway) So cute that your
    onion has a heart, under your layers
    you have LOTS of heart all us VTT
    folks know it! Oh and the vintage
    donut recipe sounds soooo good!

  39. I love this---sorry I didn't look in the book before you got it---very interesting--try some of the recipes and report on them--would be some good ones--is my guess.
    I love the onion--I love them and this should have been in one of my slices---I am going to start slicing mine this way and see what I find.

  40. Hi Suzanne, I love your cookbook so much. I just lifted the donut recipe. Yum. The tea towel is very sweet but I heart the onion slice. Big smile. How weird.

    I want to start doing your thingies event and I will try again soon. This week we will be camping. No computer. sigh.

    I posted some more birds etc. yesterday from your cabin. Check them out.

    Until next time...


  41. Luvin' that book, but not as much as I heart the onion slice. I found a heart shaped potato once and it made my day.

    Take joy where you find it and always be on the look out for it:)

  42. Enjoyed your post,from the book to the onion.!! Cute puppy. Thanks for hosting this event!

  43. hello Suzanne, my twin soul dishes sister! hehehehe.. why dont you cook something from the awesome cook book and i set the table.. we can play house with all our vintagey chinaware collections.. hehehehehe what say you! have a great weekend.. i am sorry I am late for this week VTT.. take care


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