Sunday, June 14, 2009

Take Me To Your Healer

Saturday, Bella had a very important Doctors appointment. And if she would have had any idea what was in store for her sweet little puppy self, I am sure she would have not been so eager to go.

You see, Bella is only six months old...a rather LARGE six month old baby and she was scheduled to be spayed. I felt so sorry for her when we picked her up. She could hardly walk from being groggy from the medication, and this did not help matters any......

The dreaded spaceman cone head. She could not tell where she was walking and tried to walk into things, could not put her head down for hitting something, and I said enough of that. I ever so gently picked her up and put her on the bed, (that is where she wanted to be) to rest.

Some days, would it not be great to be out of it like she is here and feel no pain?.....I mean, she is knocked out.....feeling nothing.

I can already tell that this cone is not going to go over so well once she is more alert. I don't think she is going to want to play space dog once she is more aware of her surroundings. In fact, I am most sure of that one.

Instead of this space dog saying, "take me to your leader", it is more like, "take me to your healer, so I will feel back to my ole' self."

Just look at the sweet puppy spots on her tummy where they shaved the hair....I was careful to only show the cute parts!!

Yep, I am most certain the next seven days will be an adventure to say the least...she will be staying inside to recover, and well, as far as Bella is concerned, she is just an over sized dachshund and I am sure in a day or two, it will be game on!!

At least, I hope so for the sweet little (ummm big) girl.


  1. Poor little puppy!!! I've seen a space helmet cone on another doggy once, but can't remember what is supposed to be the purpose of it??

  2. Poor Bella! As long as she doesn't lick the incision or try to pull on the stitches, she shouldn't need to wear the cone. When we did boxer rescue, we cared for a lot of males after their "nutters". We only had one that needed to wear a cone, and then even that didn't help.

    Since her tummy is sore, give Bella ear scratches from us.

  3. Poor puppy! Hope she is feeling better soon~! :) Stop over for a visit!

  4. Awww, bless her heart!!!!! Those cone things always make me laugh in sympathy! Can you imagine if we as humans had to wear those?

  5. Aww! I have to take Spikey in, in a month or so and I KNOW it won't go over well for him to be a space dog!!

    Give Bella a hug from her bloggie friends!


  6. We've never had to put one of those on our girls but we're also able to be with them as they recover and heal. I do hope Bella feels up to par Very Soon.

  7. Years back, we had a doberman who had an injured foot that he would not leave alone! We could not afford an Elizabethan collar like what you have on your pup in the picture, so we improvised. We rigged up a big restaurant PICKLE bucket - big, plastic, and GREEN! Took out the bottom, drilled holes for attachment to his collar, and found we had to drill holes to add additional 12 inches of length (another partial pickle bucket, yes!). It worked pretty well, but in his quest for attention, he would turn his head quickly (they are such a loving dog!), and take you out at the knees! OH - painful!!! One day I got a phone call at work from a neighbor - excitedly saying "You need to go home right now - your dog has its head caught in a pail!" I started laughing so hard, but had to explain - it was hilarious!

  8. she will be back to her silly self in no time flat...

  9. Aw, poor Bella. It's a traumatizing thing to happen, but it's necessary.

  10. Now you have become a dogs nurse--what else are you going to tackle?

  11. I am new to your blog. When I saw your heading about Doxies I knew I had to read more. I am the mother of 2 Doxies. They are great dogs. I have a mother-daughter team...the mother Trixie Gertrude and baby Peggy Sue. I love these girls so much. Getting them spayed was not easy. It is hard to see them in pain.

  12. Poor baby! I hope she's back on her paws and running around. :-)

    My two didn't last longer than 2 days before they were back to their usual puppy antics.


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