Wednesday, June 10, 2009

VINTAGE THINGIES THURSDAY: Vintage Restaurant Creamers

Hello Everyone! Welcome to this weeks segment of Vintage Thingies Thursday.

Thursday is the day to showcase your vintage treasures and to share your special things with everyone.

If you are visiting and would like to join us, please do. It is very easy!
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This week, I want to show you my small collection of vintage restaurant ware creamers. I did not realize how many of these I had until I started grouping them together last week. And I have to apologize, they were photographed right where they were sitting, as I was running late today and did not set them on pretty vintage linens. I will try and plan better next week....I know this is not the norm for me!

Here are some of my creamers.....all in a a single file line.....How great is that?

From left to right.....All of these are made by Shenango China....these are some of my favorites.

Left to right....the pink one is marked Warr7, so is the one in the middle. The little teal colored one is stamped Hall.

These three area a little larger and they all came from Goodwill. I did not pay over $1.00 for any one of these. The only one marked is the one on the right, it is stamped USA. The other two do not have a stamp.

Here are a few of my clear glass creamers. I just love how these look too. I have no idea how old these are, and I got many of them in different places, but I like them no matter the age.

I purchased this one last weekend at the flea market. I love the sterling rim, and had to have it. I paid $4.00 for this little beauty, and thought it was a bargain.

Here is a closeup of the green glass creamer. This is about 3 inches tall, and it is really delicate to look at and feel. I think this green glass creamer is so charming.

Well, that is about all I have time for this week.......MAN......I have been busy......come back tomorrow....I will give you a peek at how my quilt class is coming along!!

Have a great week everyone....and be sure to link in and show off your vintage treasures!


  1. I love the yellow one! And of course you've got a red one. That's a huge collection!

  2. The creamers are really beauties!
    I love the clear glass ones best!

  3. I like the green glass one best. It looks like a miniature pitcher.

  4. you have some great creamers there, vintage and retro!

  5. what a collection of creamers you have here! I like the green glass one too.

  6. Oh, what a fun collection! I have one, but I'd like to find more!

  7. What an amazing collection! I like
    that you lined them up on the chair?
    rail! They look great!

  8. The green glass one is my favourite - very nice!

  9. What sweet creamers. no pun lol

  10. My oh my..... that is the most creamer I have ever sen..... aren't they just the cutest siting there in a row..... what a fabulous collection you have....
    This is my first Vintage Thingie....... thank you

  11. I LOVE your creamers - - - and I LOVE them all lined up in a row like that too.

    I don't have my VTT post ready yet - - - but I'll be joining SOON.

  12. Howdy
    Wow what an impressive collection of creamers.
    Oh if they could talk .
    Think of all the places they have been and the people they have seen !
    What a wonderful post.
    Thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous treasures.
    I can't pick just one they are all so awesome.
    Blessings to you .

  13. What an awesome collection! They look great lined up - like on a restaurant shelf! That clear green one is so unique - I've never seen one like that before. And the yellow one is darling, too!

    By the way, is there anything that you don't collect? LOL!

  14. I AM WAY JEALOUS, wish I had room to collect and display things like that. some day for Vintage Thingies I am going to do my kitchen. LOL. There is NO SPACE FOR ANYTHING. old wainscoted cupboards from floor to ceiling. Anyway, they are great. Especially the Fiesta Ware, my Mom has tons of those, I am hoping some day they will be mine since I am THE ONLY GIRL!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing. :) Great stuff.

  15. Now my VTT is up and running - - - my last two photos are specially for YOU!!

  16. Love your collection! Especially the last green creamer!

  17. That is quite a collection you have here, Suzanne. My pick is the green one...oh, and the yellow one, too!

  18. Creamers are a favorite of mine too. I love the one with the sterling rim. Good finds, every one of them.

  19. You have a wonderful collection and very nicely displayed. Hard to believe the green glass one is so tiny. I would definitely say you have a LARGE collection Suzanne. Can't wait to see how your quilting is going--sounds like you are having a good time :-)

  20. rader went off when I saw that little green-teal one and was going to ask if it was Hall's then I read under it and you answered my question. I love all of your creamers but my heart is with the Hall's. I had about 4 of those, but gave them to my Sis cause she collects Hall's restaurant ware.

  21. What a wonderful collection! I love the red and yellows and white and....oh well, I thought I had favorites, but they are all wonderful! ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  22. Suzanne,
    You have a lot of beautiful creamers, and love that one pitcher, green one.

    Thanks for hosting.
    Barbara Jean

  23. Wonderful pitchers and creamers! I love the green glass one. ooh, the shape and color are fantastic!

  24. WOW what a fabulous selection of sweet little jugs..i especially love the green one :)

  25. That is an impressive collection! I love the shape of the pink one (Wrr8).

  26. OH WOW Suzanne! that is not small collection! that is a huge collection!! hehehehehehe.. you know me, I love your pink creamer! hehehehe.. but all are pretty too!

    i guess our collection can last us all for ever!

    hehehehe thats what my mom used to tell me..

    the next time you go thrifting.. I wanna follow you! hehehehe.. we can look for more roses on chinaware! hehehehehe..

    have a great day dear sis!

  27. I'm suffering from severe creamer envy now! Wowzers! They are all beauts!

  28. I love the green one-& the one with the sterling top-where on earth do you keep them all?

  29. These are amazing! That green glass pitcher is to DIE for! What a great collection!

  30. Hi Suzanne-
    I am new to your wonderful blog and so happy to participate in Vintage Thingies Thursday- I LOVE anything vintage. I love your stuff and have had so much fun looking at your old posts. I hope you have a wonderful day and thanks!


  31. So pretty Suzanne!
    I'm like you...those Shenango creamers are my favorite. Love that medallion creamer!

  32. Your creamers are awesome...I would have to say, hands down, my very ~THE GREEN ONE. It is beautiful, awesome and I wish I knew more about it so I could find dining room has a green glass chandelier that use to be gas and was converted to electricity.....the globe is that green and very fragile with bubbles in the glass
    thank you for sharing
    when things slow down in my life I hope to participate in your vintage things.

  33. Great goodies!!! I was going to join your group today, but got tied up helping mom with projects this week! Hope to be on your list next week!!!

  34. i Love your clear glass creamers!!!
    have a wonderful day.

  35. Hi Suzanne! We found your blog just now and we happened to have a post today about vintage stuff so we decided to join. Thank you for having us!!
    Clara & Marcela
    Nice & Easy Antiques

  36. I love how your creamers are displayed. Quite a collection you have there. Happy VTT!

  37. Thanks so much for all your help in trying to keep me on the right blogging path. Some days, you are just off. I did not know you had so many neat creamers. I love the crystal ones.

  38. My goodness, what a great collection. I think I have one - maybe two.
    Happy V.T.T.

  39. Just found your blog and love it. I'm also a Colorado girl, who loves vintage!

  40. It's sometimes so hard to not slip one accidently into my purse while eating pancakes! (tee hee) Thanks for stopping by!

  41. Hi Suzanne, We had so many storms last night, I did not get to participate. But I wanted to go about looking at all the pretties. I like the little pink and the yellow creamers best...but i love then all.
    Happy VTT,,,

  42. OH me on my, what a lovely site and 'vintage thingy thursday,' whew wee I hit the jackpot. I might have to try and participate soon. I found you through Just Jingle, yay for that ;-)

    Jamie :)

  43. That is an impressive collection!! I have a tiny pink Hall creamer and a few English creamers, but that's it. I so enjoyed viewing all of yours. Have a nice evening!

  44. My favorites are the clear glass but all are lovely. I have missed VTT. Joining late but I have a post up! Thanks for hosting.

  45. Thanks for hosting VTT...great idea! I joined earlier if you want to swing by my blog...
    See ya next Thursday!

  46. What a great collection. I love the glass one with the sterling rim. I can't believe you only paid $4.00 for it. Very good buy!!

  47. I love the yellow one with the raised bands and the clear green one. Don't apologize for lack of linens!Part of the trouble of VTT is taking pretty pictures and setting them up and editing for quality :)

    I love your collection!

  48. Love the creamers. I am a collector and have some that match yours. I'm really more fond of the no-handle creamers but can not resist some of the others as well. Happy collecting.


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