Friday, July 18, 2008

Creative Recycling

I just had to share these cute images of the most creative recycling I have ever seen. The original post was on and with lots of my family members either work for the phone company or have retired from there, I thought they would enjoy this.

After looking at these pictures, I thought about how many phones, cords, etc. must be sitting in a warehouse somewhere in our country, or worse a landfill. With the new age of the cell phone, and the cordless phone prior to that, I would think warehouses are brimming over. I have not even thought about this type of communication (phones with cords) in about 20 years.

This creative recycling of the old phones and phone cords is just plain adorable. Whoever came up with this certainly had an eye for turning an ordinary out of date product into something very eye appealing and down right adorable. Be sure to check out the hooves on these adorable sheep.

I am sorry to say, I have not come up with anything as clever as this in a recycle project. Infact, the only thing that comes to mind, I am sorry to say, is the fact that I like old metal buckets, the more beat up, and rusted the better, and will give each one I find a new home.
I plant flowers in them and really love the old look of using them as I said nothing very clever. But these little buckets house beautiful flowers and they are much loved and enjoyed by me.
Steve on the other hand, groans and protest beyond belief when he sees me drag more home. Oh, and don't let me see any at the curb in someones trash....because they will go from to trash to my stash in a New York minute. The saying, "that someone else's trash is another person's treasure" is so true when I save old rusty buckets from landfills.

These are my very loved planters.

Do you have a interesting item(s) you have rescued from a landfill and recycled in a unique way? Leave a comment and share your recycling projects.

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  1. I noticed that you pots were pretty deep. Hope you know that it's not necessary to fill them up with potting soil. You can use crushed cans or wad up plastic grocery bags instead of that expensive potting soil

    Betty....friend of Janice Noce.


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