Sunday, July 20, 2008

"Vintage Thingies Thursdays" vintage cookbook

I am back again this week to participate in Vintage Thingies Thursdays, Hosted by Lisa from Confessions of the Apron Queen. Thanks Lisa, this was great fun, and I know of a few people who really enjoyed taking a I am back this week.

This week is a vintage cookbook dated January 3, 1960. This is a hand written collection of beloved recipes from my maternal grandmother, Thelma Kirkland. I never got the chance to know my maternal grandmother as she left this world before I was born. However, she took the time to write down some of her favorite recipes and this is a real gem, a real connection to a family member who shared a love of cooking just like myself.
What I like about this book is the fact that every recipe is written down with the assumption that the reader has some cooking skills.

Most of the entries have just an ingredient list, some have very simple recipe instructions. None of the recipes go into depth on how to prepare the dish. So yes, in my opinion it takes some cooking skills to master most of the dishes, however it is not impossible to do. ~ The generation of young cooks today, would most likely just throw in the towel.

This past Christmas, I put together a cookbook using
Blurb for my Children with all their favorite dishes I cooked throughout their childhood. I included favorite photos and stories about each recipe and included where the recipe came from and what family member made the dish, or its history.

This is my modern day version of preserving our family history just like what my grandmother had done back in 1960. I sometimes flip through the pages of her cookbook and try and picture in my mind her recording this important part of her life. I often wonder if she could have ever imagined on that January day, that her yet to be born granddaughter would cherish this little notebook, and that it would become a family treasure.


  1. I love your grandmother's cookbook--what a treasure to have it written by her! And I keep thinking that I'd like to do a family cookbook like the one you created for your kids, but can't get the gumption. thanks for sharing

  2. What a wonderful family heirloom you have. And one that you have created for your family too. Great idea. I have some hand written recipes from grandmothers & great grandmothers. Like you said, very skimpy on the measurements & directions. That's how I cook anyway though- I just wing it. :)

    Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. I am checking out Blurp and checking into the cook book idea. I have put together a cookbook, but it really was not what I wanted. Thanks for the info!!!!

  4. Oh, what a great treasure to have! And how wonderful that you made a new family cookbook (it looks gorgeous)...Your grandmother would be very proud!


  5. What a fantastic piece of history from your grandmother! I know you will treasure it always! Did she write it in a composition notebook? I love those!
    I too have some of my grandma's favorite recipes...what a wonderful gift!

  6. .thank you for paying a great tribute to a very special person in a lot of peoples lives. She would be proud of what you have done.

  7. What wonderful family heirlooms! You may have an unknown descendant who treasures your cookbook as well. She may be baffled at the work we put into cooking - it will probably all be done by computer or something in her day.

  8. Wonderful family keepsake and memory of your grandmother! Enjoyed the read!
    Blessings to You!
    Claudia O.

  9. I adore recipe books like this. Our grandparents used frugal thrifty recipes that are great! I've got some books my grandmother had and I use it all the time.

  10. I like what you did with your recipes for your chldren. What a great idea.
    Very special recipes from your grandmother.

  11. I'm glad to see you keeping the book intact....lately I am seeing so many women tearing books apart to use pictures or words or handwritten bits... to paste onto a collage!! acckkkk!!! how can they destroy such an heirloom!? for sometihng like that? ...even if it is somebody else's? soon there won't be any history left if nobody cares about any of it....that'll be a shame....

  12. What a wonderful cook book, nothing
    like the old "family" recipes.
    do you make the recipes often?
    Great idea for your own family
    cookbook, looks like it turned out
    super nice book!

  13. That is a great cookbook! But... yeah... I think I would be one of those young cooks that would throw in the towel! I love how you put together your own book. I think I am going to do that as well.

  14. Well, I am really impressed by what you have done,Suz--this is just great and mother would be so proud of you---me too---For the rest of you that may be reading --this is my daughter doing this and I want you to know she is a very special daughter and person---Please enjoy her site---you will be Blessed---I am--Love you,Suz!!

  15. First, let me congratulate you on your blog. It's very informative, the pictures are great and of course I can relate to some of it. I was fortunate to be able to spend the first ten years of my life with grandmother Thelma (I called her Minnie). I was her first grandchild and she thought I was pretty special. I remember her cooking many great meals and sweets and she always encouraged me to help.

    Keep up your great work of sharing.

    Cousin Terry


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