Sunday, July 27, 2008

Saturday Surprises

Yesterday started out just like every other Saturday around my house. Piles of laundry to do, dust bunnies to dust, dog toys to pick up, bathrooms to umm, clean. Just the same ole every day task, and trying to play catch up from the week past.

Steve wanted me to take a break, and was trying to rush me around as he wanted to go eat lunch. I was in the midst of getting ready, when he walked out the front door, and I heard the postman say, I have a box for "the mail lady". That is the name my postman gave me as he knows that I work for the same company that he does.

And oh my, did I have a box! Here is the package. Oh, the excitement was building.

Steve wanted to open the box, or he said "help" open the box, but I said, no way. Remember, he is starving and was in the rush out the door mode. This box was going to be a diversion to his much effort to get me out the door quickly. But, this was my surprise and I was going to savor every minute.

This is what the inside looked like. Careful packaging, and a lovely note from my aunt.

Now, my first instinct was to tear into the box, ignore the note for last, but I did not do it, I swear. I took the time to read the words that were written just for me, and then.....I tore into the box. Here is a look after I had removed the first layer of packaging.

Oh, just look what was peeking out of all the packing snow.....a adorable black bear head! Did I mention somewhere that I collect black bears???

By now, I had thrown caution to the wind, and that was the end of savoring the moment. Packing materials went flying all over my freshly cleaned kitchen floor. I had to get my eyes on this little guy and quick. I could not wait any longer. Here is the happy little fellow. How adorable is this?

Oh, I was just beside myself with joy. I could not stop looking at this little guy, trying to decide where I am going to sit him at our cabin the next trip we make there. After, about fifty "Oh, he is soooo cute comments", Steve was getting as hungry as an old bear.
So he picked him up off the counter and said "Oh, look how sweet, and look how cute he can we go eat?" This is him, trying to rush me along again. I know he thought that if he acknowledged how cute my new bear was, that would satisfy me and we could go now.

Sorry, I did not get my picture with the little guy, but papa bear wanted his lunch. There was no more time to spare.

Some people are lucky enough to have someone in their lives who is "in touch" with what they are feeling. I am glad I am one of the lucky ones. I have been so stressed out the past couple of weeks. With the uncertainty of my job, and worrying if we will have to relocate somewhere in order to keep it, needless to say, It has been a hard couple of weeks.

It is nice to have someone who knows just when you need a pick-me-up in life. I don't have to tell anyone what is going on, this person just seem to know. They never have to ask what is wrong, that is not important, they just seem to know that I need a lift. For me, that person is my beloved Aunt Joyce. Ironically enough, she has always said the same thing about me, that I always know when she is down and needs a smile.

I really don't know how it is that a person can be in touch so explicitly with someone else with no effort at all. It is not something you can strive for, or work towards, it just happens. I am thankful this morning for my little bear...but mostly thankful for the love from the person who took the time to send this little box of sunshine. ~ good stuff ~


  1. just testing to see if I can make comment

  2. This is a really sweet post. Cute bear, the little one I mean...LOL

  3. What a lovely gift!
    by the way, I attended the Univ. of North Texas for many graduate courses, which were then transferred across town to Texas Woman's University. UNT was then North Texas State University. (I lived in Texas for 6 years during the 1970's

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