Tuesday, July 29, 2008

~ Margarita Punch ~

Are you having a summer barbecue or a family gathering? Well, this is the perfect punch to quench the thirst of a hot hungry guest. The best things about this recipe is the fact that it is super easy, you can make it ahead of time, it is packed with flavor, and you won't even miss the alcohol. Trust me.
I made this for a pot luck Mexican dinner at work for Cinco de Mayo. It was a huge hit. All of the punch was gone. This is a good choice to serve if you don't really care for super sweet punch. This is tart, tangy with just a hint of sweetness, and if you are fond of margaritas, well... once you try this, your are hooked. Of course, this is perfect for any fiesta large or small you are planning.

You will need these amigos: lemonade concentrate, limeade concentrate, powdered sugar, water, your favorite lemon-lime beverage drink.

First, let the concentrates thaw in your refrigerator. Once thawed, pour into a large bowl.

Next, add the powdered sugar to the mixture.

Using a wire whisk, stir slightly. Just until you see the sugar starting to mix with the punch.

Now, add the water and mix really well with your wire whisk.

Man, does this not look good! If you are serving this now, and are just adding ice to your punch, just skip down a few steps. If you are going to make ahead and serve later, continue.

Scoop all of the punch into zip lock bags. I usually double bag mine, but it is not necessary....I just get paranoid at times.

Now, store in your freezer and forget about it....if you can. The day of your event, remove bags and let set on cabinet and get soft, but still frozen.

When you are ready to serve, slice your limes in thin slices. Very carefully.

Pour punch in large punch bowl, or in my case a large glass Jar. It is ok if the punch is still a little frozen. Don't worry, it will be fine.

Slowly add the sprite and float the limes in the top. Stir well. Do not be afraid to stir, the punch itself is thick until you add the sprite, so stir, stir and stir.

If you are adding any of this, now is the time. I would use the tequila sparingly, but hey, you can decide that one, and don't worry I won't judge. Mix well with large spoon.

Man Oh Man, does this look refreshing or what?? My lips are puckering just typing this out. What a summer time simple pleasure. With the temperature here climbing to
103+ degrees this would sure hit the spot.
If you are serving for a large crowd, follow the recipe as is, just double the recipe until you have enough to serve. I always try and make more than I need, and I never have any left over.
Your guest will love this cool and refreshing drink....trust me. Serve in salted rim punch cups or frosted mugs. Garnish with lime slices. Wonderful.

Margarita Punch

12 oz. Lemonade Concentrate
12 oz. Limeade Concentrate
1 cup powdered sugar
3 cups water
2 ltr bottle of favorite lemon-lime beverage
2 limes - sliced thin

1. combine concentrates, powdered sugar and water.
2. pour into freezer bags and freeze for at least 2 hours if using right away, or for many days, depending how far in advance your are planning to serve this great stuff.If you would rather just add ice to the punch, you can skip this step.
3. place frozen punch in a large punch bowl. I let my punch thaw a bit and pour into a large glass jar with spout.
4. add slowly the soda and limes.
5. If you want to spike the punch with a bit of tequila, feel free. smile.
6. serve in salt rimmed punch cups or glasses.....YUM
7. This recipe will serve 20 - 25 people, small servings.


  1. I am heading down to Tulsa to visit my mom this weekend and I am making this for the weekend. It sounds like a great hot afternoon cool down. Should go really well with lime rubbed steaks!

  2. Thanks so much for the recipe! I can't drink alchohol because I am breastfeeding, but this will be perfect!

  3. Okay I just made this at OMG it is wonderful!!! It is a 105 up down here with out the heat index!!!!! We are in for the evening and needed something refreshing, well this is it. If you have not tried it, tun do not walk and make it up. Go ahead and make a couple of batches and freeze them in one cup sizes. One cup of frozen stuff in a regular pitcher, top off with Sprite and limes. Serve over ice!!! This way you always have some ready to go. If you mix in any alcohol in the mixture it won't freeze solid but stay slushing. But it taste great without any booze in it. Thanks for the recipe!!!!@

  4. Hey, Cooking diva.....I am glad you liked it. It is perfect on a hot day...it's just too bad I did not think ahead and make some for this weekend. I'm sure my friends would have enjoyed this. Thanks for reporting back. Stay cool.


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