Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Vintage Thingies Thursdays" Christmas in July (almost August)

Welcome back to Vintage Thingies Thursdays hosted by Lisa, of Confessions of an Apron Queen. Today, my vintage things are from a local estate sale I went to earlier this year. Now, I really do like most things vintage, Christmas items are no exception. I found a lovely array of holiday items at this sale, and well....purchased most all they had. Now, what am I going to do with them? That is a good question...but I loved the memories that these treasures recalled from my childhood. A time, some days, I long to return
to....even for just one day. A time, some days, I long to return to....even for just one day. Take a look.

Vintage Christmas Cards:

These are some fabulous vintage Christmas cards, in the original boxes. There is just something about the designs and graphics on vintage cards that really can bring a melancholy feeling of holidays pasts. Now, I don't know why that is the case for me, but hey, I don't question it. I just love them. I maybe will frame a few of my favorite ones and sit out on a shelf or table top at the holidays.

Vintage Gift Tags:

Oh, can you believe I found these vintage gift tags. Talk about memories. I think when I saw the bag of tags and started looking at them, my heart skipped a beat.

I swear some of these tags are the exact tags I remember being on the packages of gifts at my grandmothers house. Believe me, I would recognize them in a heartbeat. I did not spend several days before Christmas peeking at the tags over and over again, looking at my presents, and seeing who they were from for nothing. I was training my eyes for years down the road to recognise a treasure when I found one.

Will I use these tags? No, most likely not. I don't know what I will do with them, but treasure them I will....Oh, what wonderful memories they bring to mind just looking at them.

Vintage Napkins:

Are these adorable or what? The only thing I can say, is these reminded me of my mother. No, she does not like Santa Claus all that much, you see, she is a snowman person herself. But these reminded me of class parties at school, and my mom, who was the room mother. She always planned the parties, made the favors, baked the cookies, the works. Thanks mom.

Remember how excited everyone was on party day at school, well that is the same excitement I felt when I saw these adorable santa napkins. I know, I am weird. The price tag on them is .39 cents. You know they are old, I don't think you can even purchase a single napkin for .39 cents these days.

Do I think my mom would have purchased these back then, sure I do, after all, for a young child, what says Christmas more than Santa. It's funny how a single item will spawn memories of your childhood.

I really love the old vintage looking Santa. He is so cute. So I had to have them, with no purpose or design to use them. Just to have.

Vintage Serving Trays:
I found these vintage serving trays from Hallmark at the same sale. Now, I remember my mom having about 2 of these and used them at Christmas for cookies or candy, and serving her famous cheese roll with crackers on the tray.
I loved those trays and had forgot all about them until I happened upon them at this sale.

Wow, light bulb moment...I had forgot about something I so loved as a child. Silly, I know. I purchased 6 of these, 2 red birds and 4 snowmen trays. I loved the birds and the snowmen just remind me of my mom so I had to have them. The original tags and packaging was with them $3.00. I would guess these were from the late 60's or early 70's. Now, these, I will more than likely use. I think they are so cute.

Christmas in July.....most definitely.
There are always wonderful memories associated with Christmas and holidays.
Just writing this post took me back about 40 years, to my grandmother's house that always smelled of good food. To a house that had an aluminum Christmas tree in the dining room and a real tree in the living room with red decorations and silver icicles. But most of all, this post brought back wonderful memories of the families who gathered there during the holidays, who loved each other and wanted to share their lives with each other, and took the time to do so.
Precious memories that are etched in the very soul of my heart.
~ Good Stuff ~


  1. I love your vintage Christmas thingies - especially the cards - I remember us hanging ones like that every year

  2. Oh I remember those gift tags too... in Australia! And those napkins look familiar too ... today I was scrapbooking some Christmas photos using some lovely old-style papers and thinking the same nostalgic Christmas thoughts as you!

  3. Oh, I'm singing Xmas carols now! :) I remember those tags & everything else too. The memories. :)

  4. Oh, thosse are really cute! I am looking forward to Christmas right now!

  5. I love vintage Christmas things! I especially keep my eyes out for Santa with green gloves - and there he is!

    There is a particular kind of happiness that these types of Christmas things give me. Thanks so much for a little "Christmas in July."

  6. Thank you for taking me down memory lane too! I too, have great memories of all these old vintage-y things! We also has some special Christmas candles of little children carolers... my mom never lit them and I always wondered why. Now I wish she still had them!

  7. Wonderful post and a fabulous find!
    I love vintage cards too--and I also have a few. Every Christmas I hang them up (on the side of the fridge, as a garland, on a tree!)And I scan them and use them to make "new" cards for friends.
    Yes I love the nostalgia too!
    Blessings to You!

  8. How cool! It's amazing what one little piece of paper can do, it can take you back to a happier time in your life.

  9. Joyce & Hank
    We know about vintage things because we belong to the group. Alisha mask is a long ways from halloween - oh yea if I remember that someone's birthday

  10. Lovely post. These things do make me nostalgic as well.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your nice comment. Do visit me again soon.

  11. I love all the graphics on the cards,
    plates, napkins! Thanks for taking me back in time to my younger days!

  12. Guess what! You won my giveaway! Please email me threeundertwo at hotmail dot com with your address.

    Hope you like trolls! I couldn't be happier that you're the winner!

  13. Christmas in July sounds VERY appealling right now...thanks for inspiring me!

    Visiting from Lit and your blog!

  14. Hello Coloradolady, Thank you for stopping by my website, I always love new visitors.
    I loving your blog too. Dogs and all. I hope you got to see my lil Emmy lou and Maddy Mae and Raleigh dog while you were at mine.
    I'm putting you on my sidebar and I'll check in with you again too!

  15. of course i love all of this since Christmas is my very favorite holiday!!


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