Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vintage Thingie Thursday: Vintage Halloween

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This is my cute little Halloween Lamp that I have fond memories of as a child. This was my mom's and I talked her out of it a few years ago. I think it dates back to the late 60's or early 70's.

I can remember thinking what a scary looking skull head and why was the cat standing on it? ~ funny how you look at things differently as an adult.

This is a cute pumpkin I purchased about 21 years ago. It is made out of an old quilt scrap. You can even see a little bit of old rust spots on the fabric. I really like this little pumpkin and use it every year.

Here is a shot of two of the pumpkins. I usually leave these out all the way up until Thanksgiving. I think they are a cheery pair.

Hard to believe Halloween is next week and then November already! I don't know what has happened to this year....just gone!! Too  Quick!!!

Be sure to click back to the post earlier this week and vote for your favorite quilt made from ugly fabrics in the In The Bag Ugly Fabric Quilt Challenge. Thanks so much!!


  1. You have some beautiful pumpkins and I think you can have them forever! I have just fresh ones, there are none in any other material around here. Thank you for hosting yet, another great party, sweet lady. Big hugs,

  2. I always thought JackOLanterns with skeltons were scary...still do. But I really like the old quilt pumpkins and have a few as well. Also some made from plaids and chenile. Now those are cute and I too put them out every year and add a cute fabric pilgrim couple and a cotton stuffed turkey for thanksgiving.

    Thanks for hosting yet another great VTT...Sue

  3. I just love the quilted pumpkins! How cute! I don't do halloween, but I love fall things and the pumpkins are fabulous!

  4. I love seeing old quilts made into things and these pumpkins are perfect! I enjoy all the vintage items shown at this party. Hope to join in again soon!

    hugs, Linda

  5. Hi Suzanne, love the pumpkins made from old quilts, and now the quilts are 21 years older still. Thanks for hosting.

  6. I love the old blow molds. Thanks for being an awesome hostess!

  7. I love the quilted pumpkin! So charming! The holidays are always so much fun for decorating!


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