Sunday, October 7, 2012

What I am doing today......

.....aside from the usual, like getting the laundry done and ready for the week, or a quick trip to the grocery store for groceries I might need for the week, or doing a little housework that needed to be done from the past week.......

I decided to tackle trying to get a little headway on my sewing room. It is out of control. Actually, more like I am out of control. I sat in that room this morning and looked around and seriously had a thought that if I started today sewing with all of the fabric I have, I'd not outlive using it all up.

How is this possible, that I have not been quilting that long, and to have a room full like I do is rather shameful. This is just one small corner.....(that I am willing to show) defense of this mess, these are two sets of fabrics I am using at the moment to make my jubilee quilts. The problem I have is that  I don't buy small amounts of fabrics, I buy YARDAGE. I guess I do that so I have enough and not run out......but in all actuality, I won't want to use this fabric again in another quilt. Right? .......Right?? Not yardages of it anyway. Gads!

I did manage to pack a box of stuff I don't need and know I won't use. I have another box that is the same type of stuff and I just need to remove it from the room. I always have bright ideas and pinterest is a huge influence on those ideas, but somehow they don't come to life and I get tired of looking at the materials for projects I have lost interest in.

For at least the NEXT YEAR.....

I am not going to buy another piece of fabric. I will use what I have and make due.

I am not entering any more giveaways for fabric via matter how tempting it is.

I am not going to take advantage of any more GREAT deals via Facebook or the internet. In fact, I unliked several of those sights this morning from facebook.

I am not going to the LQS and shop their bargain shelves.

I am going to weed out some of this expensive fabric and precuts I have been holding onto and list them in my etsy shop soon.I will be happy when someone wants to purchase it for their own projects.

Once I get this room more manageable and I feel like I can breath in that room....I am next going to cull out a lot, or more like most all of the vintage dishes I have stored everywhere. I need to lighten my load and I have decided I don't need this stuff anymore like I used to feel I did. I always had big plans on using all of this stuff but the likelihood of that happening is slim to none and I am tired of seeing it all over the house.

Of course, I should have decided to do this when the weather was a lot better and had a garage sale. Now the weather is not the best which means I still need to find a place to store it all until I can have a sale. But rest is going. And soon.


  1. Suzanne I am helping my Mom to downsize and we haven't gone into her sewing room yet. She has years and years of quilt magazines, so much fabric and uncompleted projects. I hope it goes well and we can get it organized. Such a big task. I too am working at editing my things at home. Too many in my house so I understand how you feel. Good Luck! Hugs, Linda

  2. Suzanne - I feel like we are twins. I am cleaning out my parents belongings and have discovered stashes from my mother, my grandmother and great-grandmother. Several years ago I bought a large hutch to store my extra fabric. Well, the hutch is full and the stash has overflowed to numerous rubbermaid containers. My problem is that I buy fabric that I like, but buy new fabric when I want to do a project. I have imposed a "NO NEW FABRIC" rule on my own self! I am hoping to have a craft sale, like a garage sale, in the spring to sell most of my fabric and craft supplies. I had not even thought of etsy! After I finish dealing with the mountains of boxes from my parents, I want to downsize my own possessions so that I am not leaving the same mess for my own children.

    I do want to take a moment and thank you again for your birthday card ministry! It is such a fun project and I enjoy being a part of it. The person I submitted was very surprised with all the cards he received.

  3. I can so relate to your post. I too need to organize and downsize my studio. I've had a goal this year to only use items I have and not buy new (fabric, trim, etc) So far I've been able to use my stash for many of my projects.

    I plan to go room by room this fall and remove those items that are not necessary. I'm guilty of seeing an item at a thrift store and can't resist buying it. I comes home and then I don't have a place for it.

    I once heard a speaker that said "The best thing you can leave to your children when you die is a CLEAN GARAGE. Forget the life insurance just clean your garage!" I try to remember this but sometimes I get carried away thinking I've purchased a bargain.

  4. Preaching to the choir, Sweetie. I'm trying to sew and organize - it's crazy over here.

  5. I am in the same spot as you! Way too much fabric to use in a lifetime, several sets of dishes that don't get used but were passed down to me, vintage furniture pieces that were going to "be something". This winter, as I go through all my stuff, I will put all but the most amazing away in a corner and have a HUGE yardsale in the spring! I haven't yet promised not to buy more fabric, but I have stopped going to all the fabric sales. Looking forward to see the quilts you make with your stash!

  6. Good Luck with the culling,you will certainly need it' It's the hardest task,I think. Especially as we like to hoard, just in case. If I part with something I think I won't use,you can bet I go looking for it before too long and regret parting with it.:)

  7. so glad your sewing room looks well loved...perfect!

  8. I am culling my dining room right now...I am by dishes the way you are with fabric. I buy most of my dishes at thrift shops and now,it's time to take a bunch of them back...which I am doing.

    I liked to your Vintage Thingy...will be back by later.:))

  9. Oh Suzanne, I am feeling the exact same way!! I think my stash could outlive me too and the same thing about things I have or thought I needed that just clutter up my house! My sewing space looks just like yours!! LOL
    I keep telling myself NO MORE FABRIC, I have even engaged my family to tell me NO MORE FABRIC if I am at a shop drooling over my latest craving... I am getting much better at it though, I can go months without buying, but then there are months where I indulge!! :)

  10. Suzanne while cataloging and photographing hundreds of Princess House items I can relate to you! My housework is being neglected because I have a 100 other things going on! I am trying to stay away from the thrift stores too until I get some of this under control! Yikes! Best of luck with the fabric!

    I was looking for candy corn fabric! I need a new apron! LOL!


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