Monday, January 26, 2009

The Budget and Bella's Antics

Hi Everyone! If you read my entry on Monday, I talked about the bathroom remodel and I talked about the Bengay...but I don't think I mentioned too much about the Budget. When I say budget, it is not the budget that Steve sets up for me, it is the budget I set up for myself. Sometimes, that is a not so great a thing, because I have a hard time compromising that amount at all cost. (Get it?)

"Oh, brother, I am new here, but do I really have to listen to this again?"

If I let Steve set the budget, well...I mentioned he expected me to purchase a new vanity for under One-Fifty, and we know that was not going to happen, so there is no telling what the budget would have been.

It is not the fact that he is cheap, it is more like the fact he really does not have a clue on home improvement pricing, or any prices in general. If it is not the current price of a gallon of gas or possibly, the price of the phone bill, well....he is really not too interested. Truth. I swear.

So, I often find myself overly stressed in sticking to the budget I set in my mind for a particular project. And did I mention the fact that I am cheap. I may be even cheaper than Steve if the truth was told. I want a Champagne look on a beer budget. Seriously. I refuse to pay expensive prices for things, when with a little bit of research and effort, I can find exactly what I want for a much lower price. That is just how I roll.

"OK, Seriously, don't you think you could mention the fact that peeling wallpaper, drywall scraps, and a torn up vanity make excellent toys for growing pups?" "Well, I thought they made great toys until you took them away."

What was the budget for this project? Well, once I realized that I was going to have to purchase a new vanity and counter top that I was not counting on, I decided the budget for this project would be roughly around $900.00 for supplies alone. The labor, I figured separate, as we would do most of the grunt work, and I would pay our handyman hourly for his work. I really did not count that figure into my budget because I knew we would be doing most of the work ourselves. That to me seemed like a realistic budget.

No, I did not want to spend that much on supplies, but I was on a mission. I wanted a certain thing and I wanted it at a good price. Did I mention the fact that I can drive you nuts with my wild ideas and design thoughts?

"This is really boring, you have not mentioned one toy, one treat, or anything fun for must be my nap time."

Let me remind you, we replaced everything besides the tub. Everything.

What do you think? Do you think I stayed within my budget or went over? Do you think you could take a bathroom to bare walls, leaving only the tub and stay within this budget I set up for myself? Do you think you could have done all of this while not compromising one bit on design or style of the room?

I am going to tell you how this turned out, the trials of the remodel, the stress, the work......just not today.......check back.

"Well, we know how this turned out and we all could be bribed with a few milk bones and dog treats. There is really no need to wait, we know the answers....So, What do ya' say?"


  1. Suzanne,

    I love reading about your remodeling, but today, just seeing photos of that precious dog of yours made me smile! What a cutie...all of them! :)

  2. I agree with April; these are the cutest doggy pics I've seen in a long time. They all are so sweet. I think you are doing great with the remodel.

  3. Okay first I love Bella's new pic's and the three of them together is the BEST!
    Now if you did all of that remodeling for UNDER $900. I will be AMAZED and IMPRESSED!...Bathrooms are like Kitchens....$$$$$$

  4. I will say you did it for under $900---you are good at doing expensive looking work on a shoe string--you should be in some type of re-model work or something related---anxious to see the finished results.

  5. I could not have done it. If you do not watch Sensible Chic on HGTV you should as they have the same mindset as you that you can have champagne and pay for beer.
    Have a great day!
    Roberta Anne

  6. I see you love dachshunds too. I have one named Cody.His painting is on my blog. I just love these little guys. Kathy

  7. The puppy pics cracked me up!!!!

  8. GM Suzanne, love all your fur babies..and Girl it is so hard to stay within a budget because there is alway hidden expense that comes up..every time I do something it like I need to do one more thing I didn't count on..I redid my LR last year and I had a budget of $3000.00 or so I thought will the carpet cost me $2700.00 so that left very little to work with..and I wasn't even replacing furniture but adding a wall to make it into 2 rooms.Painting, Moulding, new lights fixtures. drapes etc..well I went way over my just happens..thanks for sharing..hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  9. There is no way I think I could stay in that budget....can not WAIT to see how you did this and what you came up with! This is so fun...I love home improvements....and maybe you can teach me a thing or two.

    I am visiting from Pioneer Women's blog....I will be back.

  10. The new pup is sooo cute! I love the pictures and boy his he or she cozy with the little hotdogs!
    Good luck with the budget it never works for me! I have no control on spending unless the money isn't there! LOL!

  11. I fully believe you did it!!! We just built a house a little over a year ago and I was BETTY BUDGET!!! We did our house....2781 sq. ft. for $48.18 a sq. ft. I know it can be done....did you know that at Lowe's, if it is clearanced and in the can usually get it 1/2 the marked down price? My stained glass lights....a whopping $8.00!!!

  12. She is not "cheap", just practical and conservative. Rest assured you will be shocked at what she turns out spending. Knowing her, it will be much less.

  13. From one 'frugaler' to another... yes, it can be done.
    Oh, adorable pup... and lucky too!

  14. the pic of all 3 of our babies are precious!

  15. Okay, I am dying to know....I know it can be done, I know that you can do it ....I guess I'll have to check back ~ Robyn

  16. Hi Suzanne,

    Thanks so much for praying for our little guy, and for us. It's been quite a crazy rollercoaster around here that you truly wouldn't believe if I told you. I was looking at your doggie photos, and we have a dog exactly like your redish brown one. Her name is Nana. I'll post a photo of her on my blog so you can see her.

  17. I'm spending time this morning meandering around your blog and I can't keep myself from commenting!
    900.00! Yea! Everyone is cutting back right now and I love hearing stories about cutting back and still getting what you want!
    The pups!!! Oh my goodness! How darling! I have a Bella too! There is absolutely nothing better than a house full of pups, except when the door bell rings! love the pics


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