Friday, January 16, 2009

Seasonal ~ Depression ~ Aggravated ~ Disorder

Here is my Dora. See the look she is giving you? That is just about how I feel today.

I am aggravated on top of battling minor seasonal depression disorder that I have problems with every year around this time, I am aggravated at the choices some people in my life choose to make. I don't like cloudy, cold, dreary days associated with winter time, and it is so hard to stay upbeat until I see the first tale tell signs of spring. Don't worry, it is nothing major, just a pain dealing with this during the winter months.

I know of several people who have this minor inconvenience in their lives, but throw in a good dose of aggravation with it and it does not mix too well.

What am I aggravated about? Well, I will tell you it has something to do with the fact that there are people in my life who choose to suffer and not ask for help. That there are people in my life who act as though they are God and think they can decide what is best for everyone else except their own selves. That there are people in my life whom choose to not let me know what is going on with them. That there are people in my life with what appears to me, whom have such disregard for me, they think it is OK to leave me in the dark. That because of such actions as said people, for someone on the outside looking in, makes me and others look like a bunch of losers.

Today, that is what aggravates me. Sorry, just keeping it real.

Days like this kick me in the tail........come on Spring!

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