Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year ~ Same Old Attitudes

See This picture? This is exactly how Sophie prefers to spend her days during the cold winter months. She likes to be snuggled next to Dora, wrapped in their afghans, in their favorite chair in front of the fire. She likes the peace and quiet with the only noise she hears is the tap, tap, tap of the keyboard on my computer as I am writing out blogs. Yes, this is what Sophie prefers on a cold winter day.......

Things got shaken up around here right before Christmas........

Let me introduce Cassie. Cassie is my son's new dog. She was adopted from a rescue center. Now, I have to admit, she is only 8 months old and she has no idea how large she is compared to my two dachshunds. And she really wonders what happened to the welcome wagon around here when it comes to Sophie's behavior.

Right off the bat, Dora and Cassie became fast friends. They decided from the very beginning that there was great fun to be had. You know, two peas in a pod so to speak.

Sophie right off the bat let it be known that there was no such thing as three peas in a pod. "Who is this beast? Who invited her over? Not me!! Make her go away." ~ See what I mean, not a very nice attitude.

I think this is where the problem began. Notice Sophie's favorite chair, with her favorite snuggle buddy, sharing a tumble in front of the fire, and not with her. The evil green monster reared his ugly head and jealousy set in very quickly.

Dora and Cassie enjoyed games of rough house, tug of war and the comparison of tongues. Or was that Cassie sticking her tongue out at Sophie.....Hum.......that may be what was up.....

But then again maybe not, Dora proceeded to show her tongue and it sized up rather nicely in comparison to her new play buddy's. Believe me when I say Dora is not to be shown up on too many tasks, even if it is showing bad manners and sticking out her tongue to her guest. Notice Cassie trying to get Sophie's attention.

Sophie with her attitude of a high and mighty princess, sat from her perch on the other living room chair and watched the chaos from afar. She kept her don't you dare come close to me stance and refused to include herself in any of the antics the other two were involved in.

"Dang, how can that little dog refuse to join in this fun? See, we tore up the whole living room, and boy was it fun. Sophie, you don't know what you are missing here. Are you sure you don't want to play?"

"Do I look like I want to play? Heck to the no!! I am perfectly fine laying here by myself. Go away will ya'?"
Sophie has always had this non-welcoming would think by now she would have softened just a bit...but no....same old attitude with this one.

Poor Cassie, she wanted to be friends with both Sophie and Dora. So far, Sophie has not given in....
"Man, this red dog is not too much fun is she?? Do you have any suggestions for me to soften her up?"

"Maybe if I lay here and pretend to be dead she will come and have a sniff.....then I can kiss her......"

"Wanna bet? Do I look like that trick would fool me? Not in this lifetime. Now, please just go away."

Yep, It may be a new year around here, but much of the same old attitudes are still hanging around. But then again, it is only the first week, we have the rest of the year to improve...right?


  1. I think the matching brown spot eyebrows (which are especially adorable) drew these two together and the red dog feels left out....

  2. Oh. My. Goodness.

    Too much cuteness for one blog post. Sophie and Dora are just a-dora-ble.

    Cassie has lots of cuteness too. I can only imagine the mischief these three could get into if all would participate. *wink*

    Maybe one needs to keep a your doggie post...they always bring a smile.

  3. AWWWW--how---cute!

    How could Sophie not love a face like Cassie's? So cute.

    What a bunch of cute dogs you have here.

    Love it.

  4. I love this post! These photos are just so sweet and yes, I would say there's an ugly green monster lurking in the background - jealousy!

  5. So reminisance of our past "pet get togethers"...we (I) have always had(and still do)our pet "Children". Dora WILL join in eventually.She will get to the point where her curiosity will get the best of her! ;) Luv them all!

  6. I love the puppies! But don't I always say that? They all look so cute cuddled up together. Looks like the new on is doing just fine! The last picture stole my heart because it looks like my Reeses!!!!!!!!!

  7. I think maybe, that Sophie needs her mama's lap for a while - that might make both Dora and Cassie jealous!
    What a wonderful post.

  8. Awww...what a sweet and funny post!

  9. Sophie is a discriminating dog who does not believe that she is a dog. Rather, she is QUEEN of the house and the new "thing" had better learn!

  10. What a way to start the New Year, everthing going to the dogs.

  11. What a fun, enjoyable entry. Those photos were wonderful, and your dialogue perfect to go along with them! It was a picture story!
    Loved it!!

  12. LOL too cute!!!

    Love how cute all of the dogs are!

  13. What cuties! Aren't they so funny... just like humans!

  14. Sophie, it's important tolet Cassie know who the queen of the house is, but once that's clear, it's ok to mingle with the hoi-palloi.

  15. What a fun post. And what a fun group of pups. Love your dachshunds...just adorable.

  16. Cute post---just like 3 little kids !!! But you have to remember Sophie was Queen for a long time and miss Dora just came in and took over ! Give Sophie some special "just Sophie time"---she needs to know how loved she is.

  17. Oh! Every time I see someone get a new puppy I want another one... but considering the one I have would FREAK OUT I think I'll just be happy with the perfect pooch I've got :)

  18. What cute little dogs and what a cute not so little dog. Dora and Cassie have matching cute!

    They will all get along, it may just take some time.

    cute post.

  19. What a nice family of dogs...soon Sophie will come around and join in the fun life at your house.

  20. What an interesting and cute slide show/story. We have a black/tan and my daughter has had two red and my sis-n-law had a red one. All three of the red dogs are/were not natured sweetly!!!. Whereas our dog (TAZ) thinks that everyone loves him and wants to be his friend. Seems like the red daschunds and the black/tan are natured differnt. Sooooo... she may just never warm up to the other one. Only time will tell Huh?

  21. OMGosh you know how I love a good weenee aka dachshund story they are super cute!!!!! I LOVED the pics I picked up ginger and are your relatives....
    forgive me....

    how do you get links below your posts? I am just curious...

  22. AWWW! They are so cute, and so is your imagination! laurie

  23. LOL!!!

    That last photo looks like Sophie is thinking about snapping at Cassie!

    I nearly spit my soda out on the computer screen at the end of this post.....funny stuff!

  24. What fun to visit today and see all the sweet puppies
    Roberta Anne

  25. NOPE!!!! none of them look the least bit SPOILED!!!!

  26. Suzanne,

    We have 2 doxies also that are the same color as Sophie and Dora but it would have been our Macy (who is like Sophie in attitude) that would not have warmed up to Cassie. Our dogs like to snuggle all the time (even when it is hot out) and they ALWAYS have to be by ME, is that the same with you?


  27. how have I missed you in blog land all these many months? Your house looks like mine with all the pups!!!
    When my kids all come over Emma has 2 pups and Bethany has 1, with our 4...well it's just insane!
    I love seeing a house full of dogs!


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