Monday, January 19, 2009

It's Raining.....What ?!?

The other evening I was cooking dinner and my husband was across the street visiting his dad. I heard the doorbell ringing and stopped what I was doing to answer the door. Now usually when the doorbell rings, it will send Sophie into a barking frenzy. This time however, Sophie and Dora were absolutely out of control. I really thought it must be my brother in law, because Sophie and Dora can not stand him.....imagine the surprised, shocked, stunned look on my face when this greeted me on the front steps.

"Oh, no you don't!" was the first thing out of my mouth. "Where did this come from?" "Nope, take it back, TAKE IT BACK...we do not need another big dog....." Once again, I asked, "Where did you get this pup?"

Well, would you believe, according to my husband that this puppy was sitting on the front step of my father in laws house, looking up at my husband as he walked out the door? You don't believe that for one minute? Well good, that makes two of us. But none the less, that is the story he is sticking with.

It is one of three things regarding how this dog, which is just the type of large outside dog my husband so very much likes, came to end up on our street. One, Steve brought the dog home, slipped it out of the truck and into his dad's front yard without me seeing it. Or two, someone dumped the pup and it just happened to latch on to the softest heart on the block when it comes to dogs. Or three, The gray clouds that day dropped this pup straight from the sky. Go ahead, you choose which best fits this story.....

Oh. My. Goodness. Would you just look at this face? Oh dear, if I am not careful it won't take long to fall in love with that cute little face. Quickly, I told Steve he had to walk the street and see if anyone had lost this puppy. There was no way we could even consider keeping this dog if it belonged to someone in our neighborhood. Steve pounded the street and asked everyone, no one claimed it, one neighbor even told Steve that he thought the dog belonged to us.....nice touch to the story don't you think? True, I swear.

Now, I most likely could ignore the pleading look of my husband's baby blues to keep this puppy, but do you think I had a snowball chance in hell at turning the other way when these eyes looked up at me? Nope, that pup had me at Hello and a tail wag. A real goner tell ya'. Especially at the thought of someone having dumped this puppy on the street and left it hungry, thirsty and in the cold. Maybe it did not happen that way, but the thought of it happening, really got me.

Have you ever smelled puppies feet? If you have not, you have not lived. It is the most sweet, special smell I have yet to encounter. I love the smell of puppy feet. And this pups paws were so sweet, not as sweet as Sophie's....but sweet none the less.

We quickly found out this puppy was a girl. She was starving, thirsty, dirty and after her dinner the first order of business was a bath. I think she cleaned up rather nicely. I love her markings and coloring. She is a sweet girl. Meet Bella. The newest member of our family.

Saturday, my son came over with his dog Cassie. You may remember me talking about her a few weeks ago. If you missed the story, click HERE. Bella and Cassie became fast friends.

But as you might have expected, for Queen Sophie and Princess Dora the transition has not been too smooth. There are still uproars in the house. It is loud, noisy, and total hysteria at times. It's the big dog two dachshunds think they are two full grown pit bulls, and no puppy is going to dethrone them. This may take a while before things settle down around here with this one.

But who could resist a freshly bathed pup, wrapped up like a tamale in a afghan, sleeping in front of the fire.........not me. Yes sirree, Bella might have fallen from the sky, or maybe not...but however she arrived....the one thing that is for sure...She has ARRIVED! And she is a cutie!!


  1. awww she's gorgeous, I would've fallen for this cute little thing too. I loathe it when people dump dogs, it's dreadful but I"m glad she's found a nice home with you :-)

  2. Bella is a very lucky girl to have found your family. She is beautiful and oh what a sweet face! Since I have a doxie, I laughed when I saw yours with their crowns on. It may take a while, but I'm sure order will return!

  3. Goodness, however she got there, she's a keeper! She's darling. Do you have any guesses to what breed she is? Some kindof cattledog? Cute name, by the way! Hope the doxie's give up on her initiation! ;)

  4. Oh so cute!!!! Isnt it amazing how these animals just find us...good luck with her, she is beautiful

  5. Suzanne, this is the SWEETEST story, and what a happy ending! Our girls have gone over the Rainbow Bridge, and we are in the process of starting to look at rescue dogs. Seeing this makes me know we're on the right path.

    Congratulations on your new baby! She's precious, and so is your story!


    Sheila :-)

  6. She is way I could have turned her away either!!

    Love your new template...did you design it yourself?

  7. Suzanne,

    God Bless you for taking that pup. We also have 2 doxies and I am sure they would have felt the same way but soon they will realize that Bella isn't going anywhere. She is beautiful and I love her markings.

    Thank you for being so kind hearted, our fur babies out there need more loving people such as you and Steve.

  8. I am so glad that she has found a good home. She is absolutely beautiful.

    What is it with people, this breaks my heart, who dumps a baby out on the street? So many bloggers are reporting finding kittens, and puppies, literally dumped outside.

    Thankfully kind people are taking them in, and adopting them. At least your baby had a good ending.


  9. oooh my goodness!!! she is precious! I too seem to have acquired a new dog as well! I have written about her yet though...Im waiting til she seems comfortable..which makes no sense but...whatever.

    Bella is adorable!

  10. Hi Suzanne...what an incredible gift from the sky (that's the version I choose...LOL)...Bella is the perfect name for her. My Poms are still being a bit prissy toward Lil Bear, but they might as well get over it I told them. Haha!
    I can't imagine how anyone could dump such a pretty little dog who looks like she's enjoying being a tamale...;-) Bo

  11. Congratulations on the newest member of your family.

  12. Oh, I'm so glad that you decided to keep her! If you didn't - I would have had to come and get her:)
    I am going to go with theory number three. I refuse to believe that somebody dumped her, because that it just tooooo awful!

    I love her markings.
    She was sent to you for a reason!
    I LOVE your HEART!

  14. She has beautiful markings! Congratulations on your newest member of the family.

  15. She is beautiful and don't they just warm their way into our hearts with those big puppy dog eyes. Welcome Bella!
    Roberta Anne

  16. Oh girl she is just to cute..I love all dogs so I would have been a sucker also for this one..welcome to the family Bella...hugs and smiles Gloria

  17. i cant wait to come home and see bella again!! :)

  18. How cute! I love dogs and I would keep her in a heartbeat!

  19. Oh, I am SO in love... as my pup is sitting here wrapped up with me and my Coloradolady blanket in my lap, I'm thinking God made Riley hate other dogs so I wouldn't want to bring 50 of them home. I so understand your husband :)

  20. Oh hello from Canada
    It's been a while but something was tugging at me to come and see you. It's about your beautiful new fur baby Bella. Welcome little one and you knew who's heart to capture girl.
    We also have a Bella so that's a very pretty name. May you have a very happy life with your new family.
    Love Claudie

  21. What a darling puppy. Congratulations. And I love the video of "Tara and Bella". Oh my truly did warm my heart. Your blog is cute...and I love your banner.
    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  22. You are SO right. Who could resist that face (other than your babies who were already in charge of your home)! Bella is beautiful. laurie

  23. OMG she is so unbelievably cute!!!! So glad she found a good home. She looks happy.

  24. Hi Suzanne!

    So glad you stopped by my blog today! It's great to meet you...feel free to come back anytime!

    I absolutely LOVE the story of Bella! That's our Shih-Tzu's name...we also a long-haired doxie named Maddie. I have to say that I believe Bella came into your life for a be loved! Looks like she's already found her way into your heart and home. Congratulations on your new addition!

  25. OMG! I love that puppy, so cute! What cute pictures too. You guys are softies and God Bless you for taking her in.

  26. I'm so glad your husband found her uh, somewhere, and brought her home. How could you not keep her? She is soooo cute. It took about three weeks for Sammi to accept Maggie the puppy and after that they were best friends, so give your girls some time to get used to Bella. Any idea how old she is?


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