Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year ~ New Blog Design

Update: Danielle is going to offer the first two people who email her about a blog makeover or design a discount of $10.00 off the regular price. Be sure to include in your email "Coloradolady" sent you! So hurry on over and take advantage of her generous promotion offered only at Coloradolady!!

I am so excited to announce and show off my new Blog design by Danielle. If you remember, she did my wonderful Christmas design before the Holidays. So naturally, I wanted her to design my new look for the new year.

After searching for just the right thing, Danielle magically took my vision and turned it into reality. We have just a few minor changes to make, but those are no big deal. For the most part, we are finished. It is amazing that only communicating through email alone, she is able to really grasp what someone is about and turn their vision into reality. I just am so pleased with my new look, I am giddy!!

If you are thinking about a new blog design, and like me, know you can not make it happen on your own, don't hesitate to contact Danielle. You will be so glad you did and love the results.

So what do you think? Did she hit the nail on the head??? My vote is yes! Love it!! Thanks Danielle!!


  1. I noticed it right away. It looks GREAT!!!

  2. It is awesome!!!! just like you!

  3. Very nice design! I especially like the way the "paper" background is crumpled!

  4. Your new look is just lovely...woodsy, inspirational, and just darn cute!

  5. she is wonderful! it is lovely and it does seem to capture the character of your page!

  6. Love the new look especially the header. I'm always changing my blogs. Seems like as soon as I get it changed I start thinking about changing it again.
    I'm looking forward to participating in Vintage Thingies again after not doing it during the holidays. The Christmas stuff is all put away, and it's back to business as usual.

  7. I really like it---really cool---I wondered what you had in mind for a new look---should have known---love it !

  8. Definitely one of a kind...the GOOD kind! love it, ;-) Bo

  9. Great new look! Just right for you! Hope you are doing well.

  10. Suzanne,
    your new blog design is really EXCELLENT!
    Danielle made great job!
    She hit the nail on the head, as you said!
    (sorry, I don't understand what it means, but think that it means something special, beautiful; right?)

    With love
    Maria from Poland

  11. I REALLY LIKE IT! I was afraid it was going to be those "two babies". It is very fitting, and the lady did super job.

  12. Your new blog design looks great...very original! :)

  13. This is the most original blog I think I have ever seen. Such a joy to visit here weekly. I just love this new look. Perfectly fits you.

  14. I love the new design, the header is so "you"! My only suggestion, and it may be just my eyes, is that I had to get really close to the screen to read the black writing on the brown. Maybe lighten the brown a little? If possible?
    I'm definitely looking into a snazzy blog design for 2009.

  15. Suzanne, may I ask which package you went with? I'd love Danielle to work on my mess of a blog!


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