Sunday, January 4, 2009

Simple Sunday

“No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.”


  1. Just stopping by to say Happy New Year!

  2. Hey there Coloradolady, I tagged you on Friday and I was out of town for two days so I don't think I let you know about the tag. If you want to play along I found it to be fun, but please do not feel obligated.

    Love your quote by Voltaire. Sort of like some people. LOL.

    I scrolled down to catch up on some of your posts I missed and your gifts this year were so thoughtful from your children. The makeup is fab in the tackle box. I never would have thought of it. The hard drive for your photos is a great gift. I have so many photos clogging up my system. Good luck learning how to use it. Let us know how it helps you.

    Now for the Vintage plates. They are all lovely. I used to collect vintage plates but when I moved I started giving them away. I regret it now. sigh.

    I better close before this becomes a book LOL.

    Have a great Sunday and let me know about your cabin you rent sometimes.


  3. Wow - that's a LOT of snow!

    I'm going to add that quote to my
    little "thoughts" book (less daunting than calling it a journal). The cover has one of my favorite quotes on it..."Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away."

    Now - a kind of nosy question...I really need to make a little pocket money. Due to vestibular problems, it's getting harder and harder for me to substitute teach. I don't have anywhere near the number of readers that you have, but I wonder if I could possibly bring in any cash with advertising on my blog. Any suggestions?

    Thanks ColoradoLady - I always enjoy your blog and your comments on "Gitz".

  4. Interesting commentary on life! Hummmmmmmmm..........

  5. Love the quote! I have a pile of snow like that in my front (and back) yard, too!

  6. I hope that I am never "that" snowflake. ~ Robyn

  7. Hm.. it ooked like a wave at first glance... neat picture and saying!


  8. I am going to be pondering this for some days ahead as I think there may be a way to apply it to my life so that when a day goes by with me getting nothing done I won't be responsible. Yep I think it is in there somewhere!
    Roberta Anne

  9. A neat picture. It could have served Blue Monday or Sky Watcher's Friday as well. You do good!

  10. LOVE that quote!!!!!!

    If you haven't yet, come to my blog and give Vinnie some advice...

  11. love the quote! the photo is nice too!

  12. Love the picture--kinda over powering---I like the quote as well---applies to a lot of people as well---I am a little flaky ,but am usually willing to admit a mistake and wrong decisions, and boy have I had a lot of those !!


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