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Hello Everyone!! Welcome to this weeks segment of Vintage Thingies Thursday. Thursday is the day to showcase your vintage treasures and to share your special things with everyone. If you are visiting and would like to join us, please do. It is very easy!

To participate, all you have to do is:
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(2) Visit all the participates and leave a comment.
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This week, I would like to show you some vintage tins. I purchased these from two separate estate sales. I thought that they were unusual, and liked them right off. Especially the color.

Here is a set of Blue Magic Krispy Kans. I believe these date back to the 1940's and 50's. Love the red on these.

And since they were designed to keep crackers and chips fresh, don't you just love the designs on the sides?

Here are the directions underneath the lid. I have not used these for food, I wonder if they would work like they were intended?

Here is a view of the top of the lid, look, it still has the "magic stuff" in the lid.

This is the underneath side of the tin itself. I guess the person who had this was an antique dealer. I did not pay the "Firm" price for these. In fact, I paid $10.00 for the set.

This is a really cute bread keeper. I found this at another estate sale a few months back. I paid $5.00 for this. I fell in love with the birds and pine cones on the front, it reminds me of the birds at our cabin in Colorado.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my vintage tins today. Have a great week everyone!

Notice: I am using a different link system this week. It should work the same...Just insert your blog name and blog address. Mr. Linky is having lots of issues and problems, and frankly, I did not want to deal with that. I am not sure how this new link will work out, but I will try and monitor it as soon as the post today publishes. Hopefully, we will have no problems and I will not have to insert Mr. Linky. Crossing fingers!!

If you have not entered my giveaway for my one year HERE to do so, winners will be announced over the weekend.


  1. Hi Suzanne! I love those tins! I have one, but it's so cool that you have a set. I've also seen these in blue too. And that breadbox? I definitely would have bought that too!
    Thanks for hosting VTT!

  2. Oh - the breadbox is so cute - love the design on it!!! So 'woodsey' - like my house in the woods!

  3. For all the kitchen items we've sold I have never seen these before. They are wonderful! TTFN~ Marydon

  4. I have seen a lot tins and breadboxes, but nothing like these. You find the neatest things.

  5. I love vintage tins and have never seen ones like yours. The decorations and the magic thing are both interesting and unique.

    I entered a title in the linky before I read your post and sawe that I was supposed to enter a name.

  6. I used to collect tins but have given mine away little by little. The bread tin has those cute birds on it. They caught my eye right away.

  7. Suzanne,
    I love your vintage tins! I love vintage thingies, tins are one of my fave things. Thanks for showing them to us!


  8. I love the bread tin - never seen one with that design before!

  9. Hey Suzanne! Your cracker boxes are too cute! I noticed that the picture of the flowers is actually pictures of crackers made to look like a flower! Sweet!

    Thanks for hosting Vintage Thingie Thursday!

    Hope you have a Great Week!

  10. Those tins are SO neat! I've not heard of them nor seen them before! I do wonder if they work. Then again, maybe those blue crystals are uranium or something!
    The bread tin is unique. It's Christmaslike!

  11. Love that bread tin with the birds and cones! Fabulous VTT!

  12. Oooo, I love the tins..and the 3D look of the crackers and chips... my favorite tho is the breadbox..and the wonderful tablecloth it's sitting on. Happy VTT and have a lovely week..

  13. Hi Suzanne! Thank you for hosting this fun party! This is my first time participating. Cute vintage tins! I have several vintage tins I display in my country kitchen. I will share them at another Vintage Thursday.


  14. Cool tins and I totally covet your bread box!!! Cardinals are my fav!

  15. I love the little birds on that bread tin, they look like they'd be perfect for a Christmas card!

  16. Those are neat. I use something similiar to dry out my hearing aids when the moisture builds up. I think it is call Dri-aid. But I do have to re-heat the pellets(they look more like pellet) until most of them have turned blue. Can be done in the microwave. Works!

  17. Suzanne,
    Those are wonderful vintage pieces.
    Not sure i will get a post done today.
    Did not get over to get pics of anything this week.

    blessings, and I'll sign up if get something put together..

    Barbara Jean

  18. Great tins...wonder if the magic stuff still works...wonder if it was safe for food when new?... but the breadbox is what I'm hankering for-love the birds!

  19. Hi Suzanne..

    I love the tins too! especially the breadbox! you always have the neatest thing to share! Are you going to use all the tins? what would you normally keep inside the tins? Happy VTT Suzanne

  20. Very special tins. I believe the magic material is safe, if it is the same as used in pill bottles. The birds on the bread box are cute!

  21. The bread keeper is absolutely adorable! And Suzanne? You go girl! $45 FIRM means nothing to you, does it?

  22. Suzanne my dear...ok...with the sharing of your lovely "cracker" tins...I have to're either gonna love my VTT post today...OR I'm going to be in BIG trouble...LOL...OR my way of Congratulating you in a special tribute is going to well..."Quack" you up!!! So.....happy Anniversary my dear! Hugs! And as I wish you year of future blogging bliss....let me know....did I do OK?

  23. Don't you just love those estate sales? I've found the most wonderful things at those sales and at estate auctions.
    I love those tins. What great finds!

  24. Great tins, Suzanne. I love how they are decorated! Thanks for linking me in. I have 5 min. with a computer and wanted to check in.

  25. those tins are sooooo cool...i've never seen the blue/pink color thingies before~how interesting.
    those flower crackers on the side are adorable.
    and the breadbox birdies are super cute too.
    great finds....

  26. LOVE YOUR TINS! The Wild Raspberry referred me here and I just did a post on some cottage collectibles and thought I'd join in on the fun!

    Thanks for hosting!


  27. Hi Suzanne! I have these "Krispy Cans" myself and followed the directions on the lid and the little beads in the handle do change color in the oven! I have them in red and yellow but have also seen them in white and blue...thanks for sharing your photos!

  28. What great tins, and I especially love the bread box. And, thanks for posting the instructions to participate. I wondered what all those names at the bottom were for. I'm going to have to start participating. I have tons of vintage things. Take care. Lane

  29. I love the Krispy tins - I just purchased a gold one at an auction for $1.00. I couldn't believe my good luck. I have a dark red one that was my grandmothers.

    Have a wonderful evening.

  30. Now that's so vintage that I've never seen it before!

  31. Love your tins. Your breadbox is so cute. I adore mine.

  32. Love, love, love that breadbox, and the canisters are so cute! I've never heard of the magic stuff in those canisters. Very interesting. laurie


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