Sunday, May 23, 2010

Giveaway Time on The Coloradolady ~ Winner

Random generator chose number 38

Kali is the winner of the giveaway, I am pretty sure I have your email, Kali, but if you don't mind, email me so I can get this out to you today! Congratulations Kali, and thanks everyone for your comments, after reading about all of these destinations, I am wanting to plan my next vacation!! Have a great day!

Did you hear there was a giveaway going on over at The Coloradolady's blog? all I can say....I looked over on my sidebar and noticed all of a sudden I was over the 400 mark of wonderful friends who like to follow along with all my shenanigans, doggie antics, treasure hunting and life's struggles. I am honored to say the least......

So in celebration of all my wonderful friends who stop by and visit here, I am hosting a little giveaway.

A TJ-Maxx gift card will be sent to one lucky reader who comments on this post. Random number generator will choose one lucky winner. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post and answer the following question.

If there is one destination that you would consider your "dream vacation" where would that be and why?

Since I asked you guys your dream vacation destination....I might as well tell you mine, as of this month!

I'd love to visit Jumby Bay, Antigua. What an island paradise. Dream vacation....most definitely, it is a pricey destination,and not to mention, I really don't have that beach body anymore... but, this place is oh, so beautiful.

Winner will be announced on Wednesday morning.....Good Luck Everyone and Thank you once again for your friendship, encouragement and support in all my endeavors.


  1. My dream vacation would have to be Fiji! I have always wanted to go...and maybe one day once the last of the kiddos has moved out we will be able to take that vacation. Until then, Key West will do just fine. :)

  2. Congratulations on 400 followers. Wow!

    I someday want to make it to France to see my beloved Eiffel Tower. While I am there, I would also like to go to Spain and to Portugal to see where my father's side of the family came from. I have seen pictures but nothing beats seeing it in person.


  3. Washington's so beauitful out there!!

  4. Well, if I'm gonna dream, I might as well dream BIG! I'll take a trip around the world for mine! Now, if you want reality, Antigua and Barbados would really fill the bill. They are my two favorite stops from all our cruises and I would love to just spend some time there....looking around.

  5. Dream body or not, my dream vacation would be to go back to Panama City or Destin Beach area like we did 29 years ago for our honeymoon. Not too exotic, but oh so relaxing.

  6. My dream vacation would be to go on a cruise and be able to visit some exotic places. Can you tell i don't get away?

  7. Suzanne....CONGRATULATIONS!! What a milestone!

    I LOVE your blog and appreciate you hosting VTT each week. I'd love to be entered in for this wonderful giveaway....TJM is my favorite store right after the thrifts :)


  8. Congratulations on 400 followers!!!
    As for my dream vacation....I'm taking it this summer....a trip with my husband and son to England to visit best friends who now live there. We are also taking a side trip to Paris. Since my son is moving away for his first year of college this fall this will probably be one of our last "family" vacations. We are all really looking forward to it.

  9. 400 followers - congratulations! I'll take Italy for my dream vacation, but not in summer, please.

  10. Congrats on 400 followers!

    My dream vacation would be to go to Germany. I am part German and have always wanted to go there and explore my heritage. Then maybe a side trip to Tuscany (as long as it is a dream, why not)!

  11. Yay! 400! That beach at Jumby bay looks mighty inviting. I guess I would like to go back to Hawaii where we went on our honeymoon 35 yrs ago.

  12. Congrats on 400! Who cares if we don't have a beach body! My dream vacation is any where that has ocean and sand. Having my family along is a plus.

  13. Congratulations on hitting the 400 mark, awesome!!

    Oh my, I think back to Italy and with our grown children!

  14. Four hundred followers, yea!!! I know you must be excited.

    T.J. Maxx just happens to be one of my favorite you can tell from some of my posts.

    My dream vacation would be in Italy. I'm a romantic at heart, and everything about the place speaks to me...the food, the beautiful landscape, the culture.

    Hope you visit soon.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  15. I've always wanted to go to Australia. We've toured Europe and Asia, so that would be my dream getaway.

  16. oh that is a tough questions. there are so many places in the world to see. I would love to go to Australia!!! see the reefs, visit friends, or an African safari or the fjords in Sweden, or Chile or a restful week at a tropical resort....oh i think i am getting carried away!!

  17. There are so many beautiful places to go but I think I would love to go on a safari in Africa. Maybe float down the Nile River like the Africian Queen. Love the little blue birds they are so adorable.

  18. Suzanne..
    You asked for it..
    here goes..
    the trans-Siberian railway excursion from Norway across the continent to the pacific coast..
    I'd love touring Italy..the entire country..all the way down and ending with Venice....
    I'd love touring all the famous art galleries of the world..
    or perhaps just a serene cottage, by a lake in the Maine woods where I could fish, read, paint, and photograph everything to my heart's content..
    that's just a few of my dream wishes..
    but I'd love winning the TJ Maxx card for starters..warmest hugs..

  19. No Suzanne - Thank you! I have "met" so many new folks through your fabulous VTT. Your adventures are told beautifully!

    My dream vacation? It changes with my mood. I'd love to visit Hawaii but I'm afraid to fly. There are still a few places here in my home state, North Carolina, that I'd like to visit. The Great Smokey Mts Park for one.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  20. Congratulations on 400 friends with fabulous taste!!

    And my heart will ever long for Scotland.

  21. Love your blog! I would love a trip to Prince Edward Island! I fell in love with the tales of L. M. Montgomery, writer of Anne of Green Gables, Emily of the New Moon, etc., when my daughter was young. They are mostly based in Prince Edward Island.

  22. I have always wanted to visit hawaii.

  23. I would love to visit Paris! Its such a beautiful place full of wonders...Im a new follower and I love your blog.. I have a dachshund named penelopee....its fun to see other dachshund lovers too!

  24. I would love to go around the Mediterranean Sea on a cruise. The Greek Isles and the beauty that is Italy.
    msgb245 at gmail dot com

  25. 400 Followers!! Congratulations!!!

    My dream vacation would be to go to Ireland. My Dad's parents were both from the old country and I would so love meet some of my Dad's family especially now that he is gone.

  26. My dream vacation would be in Northern Italy where my family came from in the 1800's. I would like to see Genoa and Milan and the Genovase Alps..., and stay in a villa with vineyards all around.
    And then, I would go up to see Paris before I came home.

  27. I am a simple girl and the beaches around Destin and Panama City, Florida, suit me just fine. My parents have had a place right in the middle of these two beautiful cities of Florida for over 30 years, and I just love the beauty, peace and quiet, and restfulness our vacations there give us. I've been on two cruises to the Bahamas and Mexico, have seen the coasts of California, but the Florida beaches still have my heart!

  28. Congratulations Suzanne on 400 followers! My dream faraway vacation spot would be New Zealand. I've just always seen such beautiful pictures of NZ and heard how lovely the people are there.


  29. WOW...400 followers! I was thrilled when I went over 70. Read your blog all the time. My dream vacation would be an entire summer on the Cape...cottage on the work, no kids, just me & the ocean. I used to live on the Cape, but never as a tourist! Enter my name in your giveaway, pretty please! *elaine*

  30. It is no surprise to me that you reached this mark. It is a wonder you did not do it sooner. No matter what you say or do, everyone enjoys it. You have a talent that I am not sure you even realize how much. You work hard and it shows. No one could be happier. I would be pleased at this point to go to Amish country right here in the good old USA.

  31. Congratulations Suzanne!

    My dream vacation isn't a fancy place at all. It is where I love to go on vacation every year. Canaan Valley, West Virginia. What can I say, I'm simple and I just love and dream of being there. I can't help it. It is just perfect for me.


  32. Congrats Suzanne! You're a good person and you deserve it.

    Dream vacation...hmmmm.....anywhere that I don't have to cook, clean and make beds. My absolute dream though would be somewhere in the South Pacific....Tahiti, Fiji, Bora Bora...yes, that would do!

  33. I want to go to Cape Cod and eat lobster on the beach. It would help if I could catch a live James Taylor concert sometime while I am there. tee hee. 400 followers.........nice.
    I love TJ Max, you never know what they have.....

  34. Congratulations on 400+ followers! You've done a
    wonderful job on Vintage Thingies Thursday. :)
    My dream vacation would be Germany, to do family
    history work and visit see the country.

  35. My dream vacation would be to Israel. I want so badly to go and see the places where Jesus walked. I have wanted to go for years, but the Middle East is not a safe place these days.

    Congrats on the 400 followers and thank you for this wonderful giveaway.

  36. Congratulations on your 400 followers!!! That is super exciting! I want to go to South Africa really badly! I want to learn about the culture and experience it all first hand!

  37. My dream vacation would be to Italy. I lived there as a kid and I haven't been back since we moved back to the states. I would love to take my kids. And I would eat my weight in spaghetti!

  38. Oh, and my dream vacation is to french foods, all kinds.

  39. Oh, how fun! I follow you in my google reader, so I don't even show up on your followers. I love your blog, especially your dogs!! I'd love to be entered.

  40. My dream vacation will be next year when I marry LW in St. Lucia!!!!!

  41. Hawaii would be my choice for a dream vacation. My mother went once, and I've always wanted to see what she saw.

  42. Love your blog, and congrats! I'm not surprised!
    My dream vacation would be to visit Cornwall in England. Just something about the sea, the artists, and local personality draw me to just sounds so sweet!!!

  43. Congratulations on the 400 mark. That's terrific!!!
    I'd go to Paris at any opportunity!

  44. Oh Please put my name in the hat! :) I would love to win! Congrats on 4oo followers. I just now reached 200.


  45. Wow, 400 friends! I have 44 but them I just started in May. congratulations and of course who wouldn't want to win! Debbie


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