Monday, May 10, 2010

A Vintage Theme Shower : Foyer Decor & Details

Unfortunately, I have been told lately that I tend to go overboard when planning events. However, I don't see it that way. If someone has a problem with my "over the top" ideas than I am sorry. If I am going to plan an event, it is going to be executed with every detail in mind and nothing overlooked if I can help it. Cutting corners when planning an event, in my opinion is just poor taste. If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right.......that is what my dad used to always say. That one saying has really become a motto on how I do things....I am sure when he used to say this over and over when I complained about sweeping out the garage that he never really thought it would stick. It stuck to my very glue.

The place we had the shower has a foyer separate from the main room. Tables were set up and this space was used to greet guest arriving for the shower.

Here each guest filled out a name tag, signed the shower book and deposited their recipe in the bowls. Candles, vintage planters, vintage quilt and pillow mints in a milk glass dish set the stage for what was to come.

I always like to use all the space provided for is all in the details.

That little planter was a cute find. It is a sweet little girl holding a watering can. We filled it with fresh roses and flowers from our flower gardens. The glass dome stand has a vintage miniature tea set under the glass with a cute little vintage plate on display underneath the stand.

Right before the shower, I went to an estate sale. The lady has this little tea set and she told me it belonged to her Great Aunt. She said her great aunt used to host bridge parties and always had little tea sets to give little girls if they came to the parties. I guess this one survived and I could not pass it is just too sweet, and looked adorable surrounded in tulle under the glass dome. When I purchased this, I knew exactly what I'd be doing with it......details.

Here is the little plate that sat on the table.....I have had this a good while, another estate sale find.....I love it!

This is the shower book designed and made for the bride to be. This is the invitation that went out to all the guest, it was used to decorate the cover.

Here is the page for the guest to sign. Included in this little book was information about the shower, menu served, a note about the favors, advice cards and a place to store the recipe cards the guest provided. It was a huge hit.

Here are the shower favors all finished. These plants are called Hens and Chickens. My 80 something year old sweet neighbor furnished me with most of these plants. She gave me several of these plants over the years. She told me these plants are all decedents from the original cutting she received from her friend in the 1950' in keeping with the vintage theme, these were perfect.

I printed a little tag and attached it to each cup.

Here is the table, displayed with the favors.....everyone could pick one before they left....they were a huge hit. Everyone loved them.

The restroom was just off of the foyer, and we dressed it up a bit with a cute wicker table, vintage linens, vintage candlestick and fresh flowers. is the details that make things a little more special. And how can I apologize for being over the top about details when it makes all the difference in the world? Sorry.....I simply can't do it!


  1. Boo Hoo if people think what you do is over the top. You do what you do because you love to do it and that's how you do it ... I am the same.

    The shower must be amazing ... I would love to come to one. I agree the little details are everything.

  2. It is all in the details. I'm sure your guests had a lovely time.

  3. There is no "over the top" at a party! Each of your ideas is so unique and beautiful. What a wonderful celebration! I would be honored to be a guest. The tea cups with hen and chicks are so cute. I love, love, love the album. What a wonderful keepsake. Thank you for sharing all your pictures.

  4. i completely agree with you about the details issue--you value excellence!
    thanks for sharing all these pictures of your lovely event--i am currently idea gathering for a 50th anniversary celebration for my in-laws in July. overwhelmed? YES!
    it was all SO beautiful! great work!

  5. Its all lovely. Looks like you had a lot of fun doing it. I love to see vintage fabrics being used. As a gardener I particularly like the gift of hens and chickens! Did you thrift shop all those pretty teacups?
    Great job!

  6. Suzanne it is all in the details! That is what makes it special and a success. Never apologize for caring and want to do your best for someone.
    I love all the details made this so very special.

  7. What a fantastic shower. I know it had to turn out perfect. You covered every little detail to perfection. I know your friend really enjoyed it. What a special friend you are.
    Still want to copy the Hen and Biddy cups...I have descendants from my original plant from the early 1960's they last for ever and all you have to do is plant a leaf and it grows.

  8. Suzanne, I am just in awe...How fabulous!

  9. Wonderful! Really, the details are fantastic-love the plants in the tea cups with saucers! and of course, that quilt!

  10. This is great!!! I do not think it is over the top at all!!! Can't wait to see what you did with the jewels!

  11. It is in the details! The teacups with Hens and Chickens is a really nice touch.

  12. BEAUTIFUL! I don't know who it was that told you that you go "overboard" but perhaps they need a course in successful party planning -- because clearly you know what you're doing!

  13. I love it Suzanne! I'm sure the bride will remember her shower for the rest of her life! I did a baby shower for my sister a few years back and it was a huge success! I'm pretty proud of the fact that I did it all by myself for around 50 ladies! Food and all!

    Thanks for giving me some more ideas for if and when I have another party!


  14. Hi, Suzanne! I just found your blog today. I live in Colorado and also have some mountain property in the Rist Canyon above Ft. Collins. I'll be retiring there soon I hope. Love your blog and will be back again!


  15. Another great piece of work. However, my eye stayed tuned to the quilt. I have one in that same pattern.

  16. Never ever feel like you need to apologize for something that was done, not only right, but classy, personable, memorable and just lovely! My sister's wedding reception (small) was in a lovely garden setting, each table decorated with antiqute teapots and linens that we begged, borrowed or bought - everyone loved it and I am sure your bride truly loves all the efforts and details you took the time to make wonderful for her!


  17. I could just squeal with delight at each picture of the glorious bridal shower details! It is all so fabulous!

  18. I think you did a fabulous job! The attention to detail is just what any bride would want!

  19. I LOVE details---from many years as a small-town "caterer" to lots and lots of parties, with plans and notebooks and sheaves of lists and diagrams and maps.

    I'm just drinking in every single detail this morning---first this week without a little girl to keep me company, and so I and the coffeepot have been immersed for a LONG, lovely time in your elegant affair.

    Besides, I've had a computer glitch which made your whole site just a two-inch VERY LONG post down the left side---I was so frustrated at not being able to see what I was getting a glimpse of, I even posted about it yesterday, asking if anyone else was having similar troubles.

    I'm going on now to see and see and see all the wonderful scenes and tables and other lovely moments of your beautiful party.

    Just charming and delightful, and I'm drinking in every drop.


    PS I've BEEN to those parties where the hostess/ hosts skimped and scanted, with small preparation for the guests' comfort or enjoyment, and I always wonder what their own lives are like---rather grudging and measured carefully small, the niceties doled out with little grace and less heart.

    I love the preparation, the getting ready, the pressing of a cloth and the polish of a spoon. The stacks of "things in dishes" rising in the fridge, ready for the serving onto the platters and stands are like riches to me, offerings of my own goodwill and concern for my guests' well-being. And the putting-together BRIGHTS me, as if I could paint a painting or write a song.


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