Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Needed Help.....Thanks Black Forest Decor!

This is the time of year that has my mind really occupied....On what?... you ask. Well, let me say has to do with gearing up and thinking about heading to the mountains. It has to do with planning any changes or improvements we might want to make to our cabin this spring. It has to do with my mind ever thinking about decor, dishes, and cute cabin-y things that I could not live without, and need at our mountain home.

And like most busy, hard working planners, I could always use a little help now and then. I'd like to introduce you to a brand new catalog which is due out in a couple of days. Black Forest Decor is releasing a new cabin and rustic decor catalog, just in time for me to do a bit of shopping. Don't you think that was mighty considerate of them? I certainly do, and by the looks of some of their new products, it was perfect timing for me and I can hardly wait.

We all know I have a little problem when it comes to dishes.....I love them, and these are no exception. This is perfect for our mountain retreat. These are durable, very pretty and the one thing that really has me sold on this set is the fact that (in my opinion) they will withstand utensil marks on plates and bowls. This type of finish is perfect for camouflaging any utensil marks that show up on dinnerware. That is great for me, as I am in need of new dishes at our cabin, and what a great, very stylish set to use in the mountains.

Not only are these great for using at a cabin in the mountains, how about a lake house, or simply in your own home. I can think of many uses for these stylish dishes, and they will fit in with just about any decor.

I was really impressed that Black Forest Decor offers the matching canisters to the dishes. I have been looking at paint swatches for our kitchen and once I saw this set, I have changed directions in color choices of paint. I think a paint color that will show off these pretty canisters and allow them to stand center stage on the counter is the way I will go. I love this set. Very stylish.

Exert from Catalog:

Make a charming statement with any of these durable, sculpted metal figurine
fans with hand-painted finishes. The 6-inch blade is powered by a single
speed, 30-watt copper spun motor and provides a gentle breeze.

I am a big fan of whimsy decor.....many of you know that. And oh, how excited I was to see these adorable whimsical table fans. Can you say ADORABLE? I have often wondered if we needed to purchase a box fan for the cabin. You know, just in case there was a rather warm day during the summer and guest might need a fan. For some reason, I have never purchased a box fan, even if all it would have done was sit it in a closet. Somehow that does not scream wilderness wonder to me seeing a box fan in a closet. But this is a fan I would be proud to display on a end table or sofa table.

Now, anything new that comes to my house is quickly inspected and must meet with the group's stamp of approval. When this little bear arrived, there was no exception and all eyes were eager to see what was up.

Bailey quickly sniffed around and seemed to really enjoy the steady stream of wind that came from this little bear....however......

Dora quickly took over and ran Bailey off, you know....the ole' big dog syndrome is the one in charge....and let me just say, Dora approved and took over! Nothing like a cool breeze on a warm day.

Now, MY verdict on this fan is simply this. I was rather surprised at the amount of wind this fan created. It really packs a punch and does not lack in power at all. I love the fact it has a good size on and off switch on the cord. The quality is top notch, nothing flimsy or poor quality in this product at all. And a added bonus, is the little handle on the back of the fan that really makes this easy to move if you need to. I really like the fact that if you choose not to use the fan, this is a cute decor item, but the added bonus is the fan for me. I love it and can not wait to take this little bear to the cabin. Thank you Black Forest Decor for thinking outside the box and providing a really beautiful decor item and a really functional piece as well.

I have purchased products from Black Forest Decor in the past, and I know about the top notch quality of their products. You will never worry about their products looking cheap or imported. They are crafted from the very highest of standards and you will be proud to display any of their products in your home or vacation home.

Lastly, I could not believe my eyes when I saw this wonderful bedding from Black Forest Decor. Let me explain.....when we close our cabin in the fall, we bring the bedding, curtains and rugs home with us to be cleaned for the next season. Last fall, I had everything cleaned and stored them in a black trash bags in our garage awaiting spring. I knew exactly where everything was...or so I thought.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, we were cleaning out our garage and were taking some things to donate. In the process, I asked my husband where the sacks were from the cabin. The reply was, "I don't know....."

Well, I think he does.....I think he just does not want to tell me that he either tossed those sacks in the last donation pile or they were thrown away....yep, that is what I think. So can you imagine my excitement to discover this brand new line of bedding in the Black Forest Decor new catalog coming out May 3rd? Yep, that is just what I am going to order for the master bedroom and guess what??? My husband is going to be happy to be paying for it.......yep.....he is, he just does not know it yet.

Be sure to visit Black Forest Decor's website if you do not already receive mailings from them. You can request a catalog on-line or view their new products on their website. I hope you have enjoyed a sneak peek at what wonderful, high quality items they will be offering this spring. You will be amazed at the workmanship, style and artistic design that is always trusted in their products. Now, if you will excuse me.....I need to fetch my husband's MasterCard.......


  1. I love their catalog, thanks for sharing it. I know what you mean about making DH pay for the disposed of bedding, men, they never look at anything, just chunk it.
    Hope you have a good week. Me I'm fighting poison ivy and it's winning. I went and got a shot today but it hasn't kicked in much yet..Aghhhh itchy, itchy,

  2. How lovely to see fans that don't look like fans! Very quaint.

  3. These are really cute products. I have never seen this catalog, so I am going to request one. I adore your dogs wanting to take over the fan. Dogs are so smart! Very cute fan by the way, what a novel idea! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great catalog and I am loving those dishes but mine is not a trustworthy opinion....I love ALL dishes :)


  5. that's one cute fan-and doxie too ;)

  6. Very cool catalog! Love that bedding!

  7. I love those fans! I think you made need 3 though.

    Don't you just love that hubby threw the bedding away! LOL!

  8. LOVE that bear...and the wiener doggers although i know the wiener doggers cant be found in the catalog!


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