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Vintage Thingie Thursday : Shower Decor Before, After and A Vintage Finish

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This is my final post about the Vintage Themed Bridal Shower. If you have been following along, I am sure you are thinking....thank goodness!!! Thanks for humoring me and following along all week.

Here are the before and after photos of the space we held the shower at. Here is the before..... is the after.........

It is hard to believe that filled with vintage linens, vintage dishes, glasses, vases, and vintage earrings that this would almost transform into a magical space.

another before.....this is the space that held the food and cake tables.....


again........amazing what wonderful vintage goodness can happen within a space.

This is the gift table, vintage tablecloth and milk glass vase was all it needed.

See this platter and plate?....I simply must share with you about this Franciscan Atomic Starburst dishes. The bride-to-be's grandma was at the shower. This is the pattern of dishes are exactly like the ones the grandma carefully wrapped up and gave her grand daughter at the shower. She received the platter, tea pot, spoon holders, and several other pieces.

The bride was thrilled, she said she remembered these and loved them as a child, they always reminded her of the Jetson's.....a cartoon in the 60's. I have to admit, I got a little weepy over these incredible gifts.

First, they are wonderful vintage pieces, but mostly because of the love of the grandmother for the granddaughter and the fact she wanted her to have them and gave them to her for her wedding shower. These are the types of gifts that are filled with love and they can not be purchased off of a wedding registry. They are given knowing they will be cherished long after a new gift would be possibly tossed aside. These are the types of gifts that are priceless to me. This is one lucky bride in my really touched me....I guess you can tell.

Vintage garlands made from vintage tablecloths and hankies.......

Vintage Jelly jar glasses were purchased at every possible Goodwill in my area over a 3 month period. I had that idea, and well......did what it took to have enough.

the chairs were tied with tulle and a silk flower......not a big statement, but just enough to add to the whole look of the room.

Vintage earrings were turned into napkin rings for the vintage napkins......

Vintage milk glass on every you think this gave the tables an old fashion feel? It reminded me of a jar filled with flowers cut from my grandma's rose gardens.

here is a close up of the place setting......and a closer shot of the jelly jar glasses.

another table setting.....all mismatched things, very eclectic feel.

vintage dessert plates, punchbowl and cups, vintage cake plates stacked to hold the cake.

More vintage linens.........

Sweetness.....vintage goodies on a vintage plate......and a vintage-type candle holder.

Vintage plates that came from estate sales, garage sales, thrift stores, and goodwill.......

I adore this pattern on this plate!!! Look at the detail.........

And here is our sweet bride.....She was very happy with her shower, and I wish her all the love and happiness she can stand in her new married life! She is a sweetheart and deserves only the best! By the way, I have known her since she was in kindergarten.......lots of years and memories!

Have a great Vintage Thingie Thursday....and a wonderful weekend.


  1. Now that was a shower that I would love to go to! It's the most creative one I've ever seen. I love those atomic dishes that the bride received from her Grandma! Obviously this gal knows and loves vintage thingies. I love the vintage garlands too. So much prettier than crepe paper streamers. Definitely a day to remember, I'm sure!
    Happy VTT!

  2. What a beautiful shower, and a beaming bride! I loved that you layered the linens and covered every detail down to the earrings for place cards and napkin holders!

  3. OMG Suzanne!!! this is the very BEST shower I could ever imagine! I love everything about it! Y'all did and incrediable job at decorating!!! Every detail is perfect, perfect, perfect!! thank you so much for sharing it with us!

  4. I love the mismatched plate look. I am surprised you were able to find vintage jelly glasses.

  5. What an amazing shower. Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing.


  6. Just amazing! So fun to see all of the different dishes, linens, etc. Love the "Jetsons" plates, truly a special gift!

  7. This is such a great idea! I am going to use this idea next time I host a shower! Lucky bride!

  8. Beeeauuutful! I can tell special memories were made at that shower!

  9. Suzanne,
    I just love the vintage shower:) For some reason, again, I cannot link up with the picture? Sometimes I can and sometimes it won't let me. Any ideas why? I get an error message saying that the picture doesn't need cropping. Weird. Anyway, ladies, if you read my comment here, please stop over and visit my vintage thingys.

  10. Oh wow - I love all the vintage linens! It all looks amazing. The "Jetson" plates are beautiful, what a great present.

  11. Yea!!! Suzanne, I'm on now!!! Yippee!
    p.s. The cake is beautiful!!!

  12. Fabulous!! The room looks just wonderful-love all the vintage linens and dishes! Lucky bride (those dishes from her Grandmother are gorgeous!)

  13. I know you enjoy doing thee things, but you need to slow down and resat for awhile. You have done an amazing job on this and trust the young lady appreciated it. I am wore out reading about it.

  14. Just the best shower ever! Love it!!

  15. I had to scroll down and see the rest of the shower. Oh my!!! It was simply beautiful..I loved it all, from the jelly glasses to the vintage tablecloths. And yes, I would love a slice of cake or perhaps a cupcake, but moving back earlier, I had rather have one of those wonderful deviled eggs. Ohh yummmmm.
    Happy VTT sweet Suzanne, and thank you so much for hosting us. You're such a sweetie..

  16. Oh, what a wonderful idea for a shower!!! I love all the vintage linens and yes how I remember that starburst dinnerware pattern. What fun!!!

  17. I just adore this whole set-up. It's gorgeous. And how much fun you must've had putting it all together.

  18. What an amazing job you did on decorating and catering her shower! She is one lucky bride! Everything was just gorgeous!


  19. What a lovely bride and bridal shower. All of the tablecloths are so pretty!

  20. How Darling is that- Love the vintage flags- all the vintage dishes(Oh My)... How lucky is she.. just became a Follower of your amazing BLOG..

  21. I think it is absolutely wonderful to use vintage items for any special event, including a shower.

    I'm finding that more and more people are using items such as those you showcased for showers, weddings and home decor. YEA!

    Thanks for sharing. It all looked lovely!

    Be sure to visit the cottage and enter in my vintage thingie giveaway. Click the button in the sidebar for details.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  22. I LOVE what you did at this shower!! Love the vintage tablecloths and hankies, and all the different plates... just gorgeous! I'm sure the bride was blown away by all the pretty things!!! Will you please come and decorate when it's time for my kids to get married?

  23. Great job Suzanne! It must have taken a lot of time to collect everything and put it all together.

  24. Oh, Suzanne, I just love EVERYTHING about this bridal shower! You really did a superb job putting it all together. I am sure the bride to be was so very honored by the hard work to ensure that it turned out so spectacularly. And those vintages dishes from grandmother to granddaughter--priceless!

  25. This is the most amazing shower I have ever seen. Everything appeals to me: the linens, dishes, jelly jar glasses! And her grandmother's gift was so precious. Thanks for sharing. You put so much love and work into this occasion.

  26. Suzanne, You did a super job on the shower. I love the way you used all of the plates and jelly glasses. All of the linens were beautiful, what a special time for her to remember.

  27. Hi Suzanne, How lucky the bride was to have such a beautiful shower. Every detail is perfect. I love all the vintage linens and garlands, so cute. I remember that starburst dinnerware pattern, too. Thank you for visiting and leaving your kind comment on my Vintage Thingies Thursday...Vintage Rose Centerpiece!

  28. Oh Suzanne, what a wonderful shower!! Everything about it is so very charming! Thanks for sharing your pics, because I really enjoyed seeing all of the lovely vintage pieces. Those atomic dishes are great and they remind me of the Jetsons too!! Thanks for being our hostess again this week!

    Susan and Bentley

  29. Hi Suzanne, I do rember using the starburst pattern dishes as a kid. My mother had a set of four. Thank's for hosting the blog party...Julian

  30. It's amazing what some vintage things can do for a space.
    You did a beautiful job! Happy VTT!

  31. it was SO beautiful! what a transformation of that space! i know y'all had a wonderful time--how could you not, with all that vintage loveliness to gaze upon! thanks for sharing.

  32. I love it. It looks amazing. I can appreciate how much work had to go into this shower. My friend did her wedding with old mismatched plates from Goodwill and everywhere else she could find them. It was so special. I can't wait to show your pictures to a friend that we are getting ready to do her shower. It really was a beautiful shower. Thanks for sharing. Also thanks for being the hostess for today's little party.

  33. I think i wanna get remarried and have YOU plan my shower/wedding BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL! those plates from the grandmother *swoon* yes they too remind me of the jetsons....
    your use of vintage thingies is unparalleled AWESOME!

  34. Oh Suzanne! That starburst dinnerware is the dinnerware of my dreams. Thats the stuff I keep looking for, wow

  35. I LOVE details---from many years as a small-town "caterer" to lots and lots of parties, with plans and notebooks and sheaves of lists and diagrams and maps.

    I'm just drinking in every single detail this morning---first this week without a little girl to keep me company, and so I and the coffeepot have been immersed for a LONG, lovely time in your elegant affair.

    Besides, I've had a computer glitch which made your whole site just a two-inch VERY LONG post down the left side---I was so frustrated at not being able to see what I was getting a glimpse of, I even posted about it yesterday, asking if anyone else was having similar troubles.

    I'm going on now to see and see and see all the wonderful scenes and tables and other lovely moments of your beautiful party.

    Just charming and delightful, and I'm drinking in every drop.


    PS I've BEEN to those parties where the hostess/ hosts skimped and scanted, with small preparation for the guests' comfort or enjoyment, and I always wonder what their own lives are like---rather grudging and measured carefully small, the niceties doled out with little grace and less heart.

    I love the preparation, the getting ready, the pressing of a cloth and the polish of a spoon. The stacks of "things in dishes" rising in the fridge, ready for the serving onto the platters and stands are like riches to me, offerings of my own goodwill and concern for my guests' well-being. And the putting-together BRIGHTS me, as if I could paint a painting or write a song.

  36. What a beautiful shower! I especially love the vintage dishes! Wow!

  37. What an amazing bridal shower! I especially love the beautiful! Thank you for sharing!


  38. Love love love the decor! What a lucky bride. The retro blue/red/white has always been a favorite of mine. Thanks for sharing. : )

  39. Hi Suzanne,
    Thank you so much for hosting VTT!
    What a charming shower, so much fun with all the vintage touches. I absolutely love the Atomic Sunburst dishes, so great!
    Happy VTT,

  40. Oh Wow! What a wonderful shower. Everything is just beautiful ♥ I too love all of the vintage touches.

  41. Suzanne~
    I have followed along all week and decided to leave my comment on the last post. Likewise, I have read all of your comments, and I usually do not take the time to do that.

    I can tell you have a heart of gold. Someone who takes the time to think this type of event down to the tiniest of detail (napkin rings) does not have a selfish bone in their body.

    In my experience, people who have a problem with "over the top" are usually the most selfish people I know, they are stingy, tight with their money, and only think of themselves and never put others thoughts or wishes first.

    Hats off to you my are a class act! Way to go! Everything was just lovely.

  42. The only thought I have is the fact we all know you on your blog, know how you collect vintage dishes, linens, kitchen items. If you had not already had ALL of these things, I can not imagine what the cost of this would have been to do a shower this nicely. "Over the top" or not, it is amazing, simply amazing. Maybe the person who said that should think before they speak, because my guess would be a shower like this would be in the upwards of around $1000.00 if started from scratch...I'd say you were smart to use your own things and were talented enough to pull it off!

    I am a big fan of your blog, I just don't comment too often!

  43. Suzanne, I've enjoyed following your preparations for the shower. What a beautiful layout you prepared. Love the tablecloths too!

  44. I've enjoyed your posts about the shower. Especially like your tablecloths! Happy VTT to you too!

  45. What a lovely shower! My mother had those same dishes! She loved them.

    I am new to your blog and would like to participate in Vintage Thingie Thursday.... Will you be doing it this week?

    You have a darling blog!


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