Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Vintage Theme Shower : The Food

I like to have a luncheon with each shower I give. It not only is a real nice thing to do for your guest but gives opportunity for conversation with people you don't always get to see very often.

We set the tables in the smaller of the two rooms in a buffet style setting. Vintage linens and dishes were used with a mixture of a few new pieces.

Cake stands were put in place to hold Chicken Salad Croissant Sandwiches, and ham and cheese finger sandwiches.

Iced tea was served from this big urn. I got this at Sam's several years ago, and it works really well for events like this. The screens were decorated with vintage linens. I froze lemon slices in ice trays filled with water, kept the tea cool and was a cute touch.

Vintage Earrings served to hold the place cards for the food. I loved using these earrings, they added so much to the tables with very little effort.

Deviled eggs and a relish tray was part of the menu.

Salads with Raspberry vinaigrette and Ranch dressing......really good.

Here is the full food table. The drinks were on the far left. We had around 50 ladies and this was just enough food for a wonderful afternoon lunch. Tomorrow, the cake and cake tables.....be sure to check back.


  1. adopt me? just sayin....so so so cute

  2. It just gets better and better! I love the color combination of the tablecloths. So very pretty!

  3. What a spread Suzanne....You've totally inspird me to do a vintage baby shower later this summer for the 2 gals (it will be a combined shower) in our church. My mind is just reeling :)


  4. That looks so unique and inviting!!! Nice job!

  5. My goodness at the food! Everything looks so yummy and BEAUTIFUL! I love the idea of using vintage earrings! I never would have thought to do something like that!

  6. my goodness...it is 6:15 here and now I am starving....lunch is a long way off! Stunning...simply stunning!! I can hardly wait for dessert!

  7. Your table with the food looks so wonderful! I love chicken salad on crosants! That is one of the things I pretty much always have at the parties I have! Do you put walnuts in them? I do. I love them that way.

    Can't wait to see the dessert table!


  8. You do not have to worry. When you reach retirement, you have something to fall back on. You should have your own doing parties business.

  9. Lovely tables and the food looks amazing!

  10. The table looks wonderful. I love the vintage linens. My favorite is using the earrings as menu place cards. How clever!

  11. Amazing! I all looks so beautiful. Great job!

  12. It's beautiful Suzanne! And now I am hungry too!

  13. i just love the earrings for holders... cute......U go girl...great ideas....

  14. I have been following these posts all week, and I wanted to comment yesterday, but held off until today because that post struck a cord with me and well, I wanted to tone it down some with my comment.

    I have been on the receiving end and the hosting end for many events. In my opinion, if someone has a problem with "over the top" then

    1. they should not be involved and if they are not involved in the hosting, it should not matter to them what you do.
    2. if they had a problem, then ask them if they would have a problem if you were "over the top" with something you did for them! I bet NOT.

    I hope someone was clearly joking if they said that. You put together a fabulous event that I am sure the bride loved. That is what a hostess does....at least a GOOD hostess anyway. It is clear to me, you know how to host an event and shame on whoever had a problem with it. I am sure if they hosted something it would look like sh*t and like they were cheap and cut corners......I can not stand that. Cheap people who do not care enough to do what you did, should just stay home and not be involved in my opinion. I had to go annon. for this comment, who knows who reads your blog and I don't want them to trace back to mine.....they might know I was talking about them.....as I say, if they read this and "the shoe fits...wear it"!!!!!!

    Hats off to you Coloradolady.....you ROCK as always!!!!

  15. Ohhh, that makes me hungry! Love the earring idea. Lane

  16. WOW what a FAB display..you outdid yourself Suzanne! all that eye candy! i LOVE it all especially the gorgoeus vintage linens and dinner ware!
    Oh btw the food looks ever-so YUMMY too!


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