Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Vintage Theme Shower : The Planning Stage

For the past several weeks, I have been very busy planning, organizing, and executing a plan for a vintage themed bridal shower. My friend's daughter who is getting married in June, and I knew right away what type of shower she would love.

I will have a series of post during this next week that highlights the details and the before and after pictures of the end results. The final post will be on Thursday...VTT! Perfect day to end my series about this shower that was so very much fun to plan.

First, I purchased a whole bunch of vintage earrings from Donna at Red Apple Junction. This is just a small portion of what I received in the box......I originally had a plan for these, but as things sometimes happen, in midstream, I changed my mind and went another direction.....more on that later this week.

These are a bunch of vintage white hankies and napkins that came in a huge lot of vintage napkins I purchased off of Ebay. At first, I thought I'd not be able to use them, but I came up with a plan for these little gems.

Here is one of the three vintage white hankie garlands made from something I thought I could not use......not bad.

Now this garland is one of three too that I made. I received this great tablecloth as a gift, and it had lots of discoloration to it due to its age. So guess what I did??? I soaked it in my cleaning solution to remove the staining. It came out just fine, white as snow now....but, when I went to hang this on the line to dry, I ripped it right down the middle....I was sick!!! The damage was caused from years and years of being folded the same way, the fabric where the seams were just gave out when I tugged on them.......but......the fabric was much too pretty to not I turned this wonderful vintage fabric into a garland. I love it. What about you???

Now this one is one of two I made. Last year my neighbor had a garage sale and she sold a lot of vintage fabric which I purchased. In one of the piles of fabric was a piece of a vintage tablecloth. It looked like she had used the middle of the tablecloth for something and just saved the edges. At the time, I had no idea what I'd ever do with it, but I finally found a great use for it!

It took me weeks to collect enough vintage cups and saucers for my next project. I had cups and saucers everywhere! I used epoxy to attach the cup to the saucer and let that sit.

The week before the shower, the cups turned into little planters. They were simply adorable.....and everyone was so happy with them. Again.....more details on this to come~!

I love to plan something fun like this. It is all about the details that make events like this so special. I look forward to sharing with you this next week. I hope you will stop back by for a look!


  1. Suzanne
    I love your projects so far. What a creative mind you have. Can't wait for the rest of the posts.


  2. These are just fantastic ideas. i love the idea of using a dmaged vintager tablecloth as bunting.
    How inspiring!:)

  3. You have the most original ideas! I love it. So cute and yet classy, too.

  4. You come up with some of the neatest ideas! Love the garlands and the mini planters. So sweet.

  5. How fun....looking forward to seeing this all unfold :)


  6. I know your shower is going to be lovely. What wonderful ideas.


  7. Cute! Can't wait to see more!


  8. I love it!!! So many ideas that are so beautiful yet so simple!

  9. you always have such cute ideas! can. not. wait. to see more

  10. Whatever you are taking to get all your creativity, I need a big dose. I have found one thing for sure, there is nothing you cannot do if you set your mind to it. Great ideas and work.

  11. Oh no....I can't wait to see what is next!!! Love the garlands, such a cute idea and so simple.

  12. I must steal the tea cup idea, please....All of your ideas are great but I just love the tea cup with the Biddy and Hen in them.

  13. Love all your ideas! Can't wait for more!


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