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Vintage Thingie Thursday : A Vintage Barn Wood Frame

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This time of the year we are always getting ready to go to our place in the mountains and this year is like all the rest of them, we are preparing for our trip. We will be finishing a remodel and I have been looking for decor for the new design.

I follow a very talented ladies blog, Eydie from She Brews and have admired her work for a long time. I emailed her and asked her if she could do a art college for me of our cabin......I got this in the mail this week. I had no idea she would send it already framed, needless to say, I was ecstatic.

Here is my wonderful framed image of our cabin....all done out of fabrics and it is just amazing how this really looks like our place. Click HERE to see the photos from our website, then take another look at my masterpiece. Amazing.

Eddie dropped me a note and said she did not realize I had not asked for it to be framed, but felt sure I'd love the frame. The wood frame is handmade from old barns from Door County, Wisconsin. Vintage wood for a wonderful artful piece....I just love it and had to share with you today, and I can not imagine finding a more suitable frame for this piece.

Please enlarge the photo by clicking to read the inscription on this is just perfect and reflects exactly how we feel about our place in the mountains.

Eydie was so sweet and included a little miniature which I will frame and take with us as well.....the talents of some people just amaze me.

One last was so hard to take pictures with the glass, but I know you will enjoy seeing the talent of a fellow craft blogger. Please stop by and have a visit, I am always amazed and enjoy Eydie's talent. Believe me, the photos do not do this piece justice.

As I said, I am trying to decide on decor, and I have a few vintage platters that have the pine cone pattens on them. All are similar but none alike. I thought I might hang a few of these in the kitchen. Have not really decided yet, but I am thinking about it....what do you think about these in the kitchen someplace????

This is a Harkerware platter. I love the gray design in the pine cones and needles. It is a rather large serving platter.

Closeup of the pine cones and sweet.

This one is made by Stetson Creation. This is a rather new maker to me, and this is the only piece I have by this company. I found this at a estate sale and at $1.00, well, I could not resist.

This last one is a Goodwill find. I really love the colors in this piece. I found several pieces one day and the platter was in that group. The mark on this one is Sky Line, Canonsburg Pottery, made in USA.

I have not decided on whether these will find a new home in our kitchen in the mountains, but one thing I do know, I love the designs in all of these pieces.

Have a great Vintage Thingie Thursday and a wonderful weekend. And just in case you missed my post from Tuesday, be sure to scroll down and read that story of the vintage doves and the will be inspired I hope if nothing else. Enjoy.


  1. I do love all the patterns on those plates! Good finds. that collage of your cabin is awesome! What talent she has!

  2. Wonderful picture of your cabin and the frame is lovely!

    Great platters...I especially like the grey one!

  3. Ohhh Suzanne...
    How beautiful..oh my!!! the talent she has. I went to the site and saw your beautiful cabin.. what peace and quiet you muct find there. I love Colorado, specially that area, and I've always wanted to retire to a cabin in the mountains with a little river running behind my cabin at the foot of some mountains.Your cabin is my dream home, and I'm so happy for you that you have it.. I hope you can rest and refresh while you're there and totally enjoy it..enjoy it enough for me as well. :). xxxx CC

  4. The cabin pictures are amazing, truly one of a kind pieces of art! Love to see things like this!

  5. You are right about the picture matching your cabin! Beautiful! Love the plates! It would be so much fun to decorate a cabin.

  6. The collage is great and looks like a perfect thing for a cabin decoration.

  7. Your vintage plates and platters are all pretty but I have to say that cabin rendition just takes the cake...and the icing and the ice cream too! That is amazing and so, so precious. What a special keepsake!

  8. You know what I think. I will say it again, marvelous piece of work and the frame really sets it off.

  9. What a beautiful picture of your cabin! The frame is perfect too.


  10. I love the idea of the pine bough dishes in the kitchen. If you have enough different patterns it won't look like you're trying to match and will be an awesome collection. Good thing you have 2 houses to store all your dishes!!

  11. The picture of the cabin is priceless. Love it.

  12. How fun to decorate a cabin. Your pieces will all be perfect!

  13. Wow, what a wonderful treasure in that cabin picture. I love that it is all fabrics! that is just awesome. Your pinecone plates are all wonderful. I really like the idea of using them in a cabin. Not you got me thinking about using some I have in our cabin n Northern Michigan!

  14. I love the pinecone patterns. My father bought my grandmother a set of china when he was overseas in the Korean war. It is a beautiful pinecone pattern. My parents also got her a china closet. It is my Mom's now but it will one day be mine.(I hope not any time soon, though.)They are such beautiful dishes. I enjoyed seeing them.

  15. What a sweet and clever picture of your cabin! I love that you have a collection of pine cone plates, what a great theme for a collection!

  16. Hi Suzanne, Great collection of platters. And the cabin is a nice pieace. Thank You for hosting today...Julian

  17. What a wonderful story about your cottage collage and its frame. Love the kitschy dishes too. Thanks, as always - for hosting such a fun meme!

  18. What a sweet picture of your cabin, and the frame makes it even more special. I love the grey pine cone decor on your dish.

  19. Suzanne - First, Love that picture, its just amazing and I agree - the frame is awesome!

    Two - I think I found a platter like the pink one and didn't get it~ I was hemming and hawing and left it, than had second thoughts. When I went back it was gone. It's always like that.

    And third, havent mailed your mug yet! But I havent forgot and I will!


  20. Wow, Eydie did such great work -- creative and talented.
    Great finds with these plates. The pine motif would work great for a cabin.

    I'm linking my first Vintage Thingie Thursday:

  21. I love your pine cone platters and that piece of art is just amazing and perfect for your cabin!

  22. Wow! That is beautiful, and does perfectly capture your cabin. Thank you for sharing this artist with us!

  23. Suzanne...What a gorgeous collage of your cabin! What an amazing piece of artwork! I love the platters and they shared theme of pinecones! Very wonderful :)


  24. I adore your blog! I am a doxie lover too.

    You have some wonderful treasures.

    My entry is a bit unorthodox but I definitely fall under the category of vintage. :)

    I hope you'll stop by and enter my giveaway.

  25. I'm back! I just realized I didn't comment on the gorgeous artwork you got! The frame for the collage is perfect, and it is amazing that it's all made of fabric!

    Also meant to tell you that I really like the new Linky with the pictures. It makes me more eager to visit!

  26. Hi Suzanne! What a wonderful post!! I love that quilted collage of your sweet cabin and the quote could not be more appropriate. How very talented Eydie is. I love that she framed the collage in vintage barn wood from Door County. I used to go there for vacations as a child, it's a beautiful place. What a wonderful way to keep your charming cabin in your thoughts while you are away. Thanks for VTT again. It's so much fun to see what everyone contributes. Bloggers are talented and charming folks!! Long live Blog Land!!

    Susan and Bentley

  27. What a unique and special gift for your cabin! Her work really is beautiful. I've seen the pine cone patterns before also...I'll keep my eyes open for more!

    Have a great day!


  28. The collage is amazing -- It really DOES look like your cabin! Wow. She is very talented; I love the fiber arts.

    And the pinecone plates would look very sweet in the cabin kitchen. How appropriate!

  29. Oh Suzanne! Thank you so much for sharing your collage. I've always loved "She Brews" and it's so much fun to see the piece she made for you. (oh my gosh and the frame!!) Makes my heart go pitter patter, so charming.

    Thank you again for hosting VTT! Happy Thursday to you!

  30. What a wonderful piece. I'll be off to go see what other treasures she has made. Love those pine cone platters. They are so charming and I can just picture them clustered in a kitchen or dining room. Hope we can see what you end up doing with all these lovelies!

  31. Hi Suzanne,
    The cabin piece and barn board frame are wonderful. I love the pine cone dishes. A plate rack in the kitchen would be a perfect way to display them.

  32. Yep getting to be too warm here in AZ too & we need to head for the hills!Trouble is I can't take my family with me they have their own lives here & I have to keep coming back to see them in the hot hot valley of the sun.
    Have been missing VTT too much quilting keeping me away!

  33. I reallly like your vintage pinecone plates! I saw some about a week ago at a local antique store and stood there looking at them for the longest time... in the end I walked away, cuz I really don't have room for them. But they sure were pretty!


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