Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Vintage Theme Shower : Cake & Punch Tables

Cake.....the best part of any event in my opinion! I love cake.....all kinds. When planning this event, I sort of had in mind what type of cake I wanted. First, I thought of old fashion cakes like a coconut cake or a round cake....think homemade. But finally, I felt that was just not "over the top" enough and would not stand out like I wanted it to.

This is the set up for the cake table.....before the cake arrived. Vintage linens, vintage cake knife set, vintage dessert dishes of all mixed and matched patterns were center of attention. The large candlesticks, however were not vintage.....but, they were dressed up with a vintage hankie tied around each one.....I liked how that looked. The white tea pot is Lenox. I found it at Goodwill, adorable really, little vines and a bea on one side and a butterfly on the came with no lid, and I knew when I saw it what I'd do with this tea pot.

Again, vintage earrings held the place cards. I found these little white doves at Goodwill a few weeks ago, they held tea lights. I felt they were older...maybe 1980ish, and although they were not something I would normally buy, I thought they would be a cute addition to the food tables.
I am sure these were made by someone who did ceramics because they have no markings on the bottom, just initials.

Here is the cake.......I loved how it turned out. I stacked vintage cake plates to hold the cake. The teapot held fresh flowers from our gardens, the perfect touch for the vintage shower.

I made the cupcakes, decorated them, and placed them underneath the cake on the pedestal cake was really cute.

Milk glass punch cups and bowl held was with champagne one without.

Here is the table....gosh, I guess I should have ironed this tablecloth bugs me in these photos, but I did not notice it that day......oh well.....too late now!

Here is another view of the cake table. Funny, how vintage things combined together for one look makes things comforting and inviting. This type of look is really all about comfort to me.

Here are the cupcakes.....white tinted butter cream icing with cute little flowers. I think they really fit with the theme well.

another view of the cake.......


I hope you find yourself wanting a slice of cake, because I'd hate to think I was the only one that felt that way! I will finish this up tomorrow for VTT. There will be before and after photos......and I promise...I'll be done!!!! Thanks for hanging in with this all week......too many pictures and details I wanted to share to make only one post.....yeah....over the top!


  1. But of course, cut me a slice! BUT I don't want to upset that lovely picture. Just LOVELY!

  2. Everything looks so very lovely. Very inviting.


  3. oh, it is all so beautiful. that milk glass punch bowl is SOMETHING.

    you didn't tell us what flavor the cake was--but it looks delicious!

  4. Oh I love it! Everything looks so beautiful!!!! Great job! Cake looks terrific....and yummie!

  5. I just LOVE the cake/cupcake set up. So, so lovely and perfect for a vintage theme.

  6. Be still my heart! Cake is a weakness of mine and WOW what an amazing idea you had! The tea pot just tops everything off. It is a real show stopper! I love it. Now I want cake or a cup cake, can you send me one!

  7. I love the idea of a vintage shower and you made everything just perfect. The cake looks so yummy and very pretty too.
    The teapot idea is so creative. I Just love it!!!

  8. I definately want a piece of cake AND a cupcake. You did a lovely job!

  9. This shower just gets better and better! Love the cake and the cupcakes are amazing-perfectly decorated!

  10. Looks lovely. Great idea with the earring and placecard.

  11. Very beautiful! I love how you've stacked up the cake and cupcakes...not to mention the lovely vintage pedastal plates. Very nice touch!


  12. You're a woman after my own heart! I LOVE vintage high tea parties of any shape and style!!! I especially appreciate the pile of mis-matched vintage plates you supplied for eating the cake off, do you have a large collection of vintage china? Was all of that your stuff? I am in awe!!!

    Check out my blog entry to see the vintage high tea I put on for a good friend who was moving overseas.

    Sam xoxoxox

  13. Love vintage parties! The cupcakes are gorgeous!


  14. you are just not going to believe this but, I have this same vintage table cloth and milk glass punch bowl base that you have...I have the original bowl that goes with it but with a slight crack on the inside but it still holds...
    Neat party!!


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