Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Vintage Theme Shower : The Games

Everyone expects to play some type of games at bridal showers. I myself, am not too fond of them. I especially do not like the games that place the bride at the center of attention with the possibility of severe embarrassment. While some may think that is fun to do, I just don't care for it. So, when I give a shower, we play games, but they just do not place any unwanted attention to the bride......and believe it or not, these games are always enjoyed at showers.

Here is a look at the games. My wonderful son helped me with the computer work. I don't know what I would have done without his help. I am still learning how to operate my new computer and honestly, before he stepped in to help me, I wanted to pull my hair out, I was so frustrated!

See these recipe cards? Do you remember them from this post? I took one of the vintage cards to the copy shop and had copies made, and included them in the invitation. Each guest was instructed to bring their recipe card to the shower. I provided the cute little vintage bowl to hold the recipes as they came in the door.

Here is the card each person had at the shower. We took 12 recipes, and chose 4 ingredients from each of the recipes and called them out. Each guest was to try and figure out the name of the recipe by only the 4 ingredients names. We chose some easy ones and a few hard ones. This is really fun and it is a lot harder than it might seem.

I love to play Bingo at showers. Each person is given a card and asked to fill in the squares with what THEY THINK the bride will receive as a gift as the shower. I tell them not to share their answers. Then, as the bride opens her gifts, the bingo game is going on. You really can not imagine how much fun this is to do while the gifts are being opened. It gives the guest something to do while the gifts are being opened....when sometimes that is a little boring for some. Everyone enjoyed this game. We provided 10 prizes for Bingo and kept playing until all the prizes were given out.

These cards were originally Place cards that I found at a thrift shop. I thought they sorta had a vintage feel to them. I cut them in half to make name tags. Using a hole punch, I punched two holes and added a ribbon and a ring to each name tag. Once everyone had arrived I told them the name tag game was about to start. From that point on, when someone caught anyone saying the word wedding, bride, or honeymoon they would be able to take the ring from their name tag. The person at the end of the shower who had collected the most rings, won a prize.

That is my take on shower games. The bride, bless her heart, was so grateful that she was not the center of attention for any game playing. She thanked me over and over for helping her feel so comfortable and not put in an embarrassing situation.

Another vintage bowl to hold the name tags.......some of my vintage dishes really came in handy.....tomorrow, I'll show you just how handy they were for this shower.


  1. Love the game ideas and I agree with you that sometimes it can be embarrassing for the bride to be the center of attention. Thanks for the great ideas.

  2. Sweet looking games Suzanne!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  3. You have some really great shower ideas! I especially like the teacup planters - Definitely something nice to remember the event.

  4. Those are some cute and fun games. I don't like embarrassing games either.

  5. Great games. I'm definitely going to remember the bingo one.


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