Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Cheer Week #3 Giveaway Winner Announced

Greetings everyone! Wow what a week this past week has been. I have been on cloud nine all week at the overwhelming response to this weeks giveaway. It really has made me feel like I was doing something right here on my little blog. Every one's comments about their favorite Christmas colors were a lot of joy to read. Some of you left comments that really brought tears to my eyes. You have no idea how your sweet comments have made my week. Truly.

Again, I could hardly believe the response this week brought. Amazing I tell you. There were 367 comments at the time of the drawing. I added in 202 for everyone who has my button on their blog or has written a post about this giveaway event. That was a grand total of 569 entries. Did you catch that.....569 entries! I used the random generator to select the winner. Are you ready to see who the random generator declared the winner?

Drum Roll Please........

Entry number 234 was chosen.

With much anticipation on my part, I begin counting down the list to see who won this green giveaway package....and the winner was Jean also known as BJ from Sweet Nothings. Oh, I am so excited for Jean. I hope you will enjoy this box that will be coming your way and hopefully it will spread some Christmas Cheer.

Jean's Blog titled Sweet Nothings is a delight. A sweet blog written by a very special lady. Jean participates in Blue Monday every week and Pink Saturday. She always has something cute to share, loves vintage things (like myself) and has positive and encouraging words for everyone. She is a real gem.

I visit her on Blue Monday especially, but this morning, something caught my eye that never has in the past. Jean is also known as "Memaw" to her grandchildren. She is a very special person in her grandchildrens lives.

When I read that, I felt a catch in my heart and a stinging in my throat. You see, that is exactly what I called my beloved grandmother and this past week, I have really been missing her and thinking about her. The holidays seem to do that, they always stir up wonderful memories of times spent with "My Memaw" at her house especially during the holidays. I thought that was so ironic and it made my heart smile that this special lady won this giveaway. Congratulations Jean aka BJ I am thrilled to be sending this box your way.

* * * * Don't forget to check back Sunday, as the 4th giveaway in my Christmas Cheer event will begin with the winner will be drawn next Saturday. This giveaway will include a little something for everyone, and you won't want to miss out. I am looking forward to another fun week, I hope you are too.


  1. Congratulations and Merry Christmas Jean!

  2. ooo, i am just beside myself on winning this most generous giveaway, sweet lady. Thank you so so much.
    I am very honored to go by the same name as YOUR sweet grandmother....MEMAW. It is such a magical name !! I LOVE IT SO..
    I just emailed my address and.....
    thanks again!
    love, bj

  3. awww congrats to Jean-seems like random generator picked the right person thats awesome!

  4. BJ is a sweetie, so I guess it's OK that I didn't win.

  5. Congrats Jean, you are a very lucky lady. My kids called my mom Mamaw, actually all the grandkids called her that. She passed away last year Oct. 2007 following the death of my daddy aka PawPaw, he went home to be with the Lord in May of 2006 so this time of year really leaves an empty spot for my family. Yeah for MeMaw's and MaMaw's oh and don't forget the PawPaws. Can't wait till next weeks give away......

  6. Holy Cannoli! That is a bucket of entries :) I'm so glad this is going so well for you! I'm feeling pretty cool to have won something in this massive giveaway, and was so touched by what you wrote when I did. Love you to pieces!

  7. Ah, I am glad Jean won your giveaway! Your post about your MeMaw was so touching. Isn't it true that this time of year seems to bring us memories; the silliest ones sometimes! Last night I got in the cabinet to find a piece of tin foil; if it's not too bad after I use it, I wipe it off and use it again. I told my husband, boy this really makes me think of my "Grandmam" as her freezer was always covered with used bread bags, tin foil, etc. Brought me a smile to think I was following her footsteps in such a silly way! By the way, I am MiMi to my granddaughter and i just love it! Hope you have a great weekend and sorry for the lengthy comment!

  8. haha... I see I need to cross both toes and fingers next week!! Congratulations BJ!

    Have a great weekend!!


  9. What a cute blog you have!

  10. Congratulations to BJ. I too just love that girl. Today is my last give-a-way for Christmas. This has been fun. I do enjoy your blog very much. I do find it hard to visit everyone everyday. It is so time consuming. Christmas is keeping me very busy.

    Have a great weekend.


  11. I believe you have made another lady very happy. Best wishes to all the winners.


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