Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday Home Tour

I realized this afternoon that I had written several post about my favorite Christmas decorations but had not shown my home decorated in all the holiday slender.....well, all that I had the energy for this year!

Hope you enjoy the little tour today, I did not decorate as much as I usually do, time was the issue this year.

I had to include this photo of Sophie. My brother gave me this stuffed little dog one year for Christmas and it looks just like my Sophie. Well, this one item in my home causes the most uproar between Sophie and Dora, they go into attack mode every time they see it......my son put the dog in the tree to see what Sophie would do, she was waiting patiently like she sits at the base of the trees in the backyard for squirrels. It was too funny.

Here are a few of my jars and ornaments that sit on the counter in my kitchen.

My snowman platter on my kitchen counter.

Here is a photo of my Bathroom. I have a little bit of Christmas decorations in here as well. See those little cows? I have had those for about 22 years. I think they are so cute.

I just added a bit of greenery and berries for a festive look to this wire wall decoration in the same bathroom.

Here is the wall by my kitchen table....Maybe you remember the story behind the advent calender.

One of my very loved vintage tablecloths. I purchased some greenery at Sam's and put it in the red vase so the house smells like a real Christmas tree.....and more vintage jars and ornaments......can't have too many of these.

This is my antique hutch that belonged to my husband's Great Aunts. I have my salt and pepper shakers and other holiday vintage items displayed here.

This is a shot of my living room. I made the wreaths, and of course I had to have a bear theme in my Christmas wreath too.

More jars and balls? Why yes, I have more. I love the way they look with the white lights.

Here is my Bear nativity set. And the large bear was a gift from my secret Santa. He is just so cute!

I display our Christmas cards on a hanger that covers the closet in my living room. Some years, the card holder is full of cards....so far not so much this year.

Here are our stockings. I sequined our names on the stockings. Sophie and Dora share one large stocking.

And at last, our tree. It has lots of vintage ornaments, quilted ornaments, multi-colored lights. This is a slim style tree, it works well at our house as it does not take up too much space. But I miss having a real tree.

That concludes my tour of the Holiday decorations this year...like I said I scaled down a bit from what I normally do, but it still adds a festive touch. If you enjoyed your tour today.....just leave a donation at the end of this post and leave your comment for your admission fee! LOL


  1. What pretties you have..it's so fun to look in everyone's home, it's like peeking in the windows!!!
    Have a great Christmas.. it is cold here in Colorado!!!Burrrr..
    Merry Christmas,

  2. How cozy & lovely your home looks all decorated. Thank you for the tour and blessings to you all this Christmas.

  3. Enjoyed the tour---I'll pay later.-ha!

  4. Hi Suzanne...I like your idea with the lighted cylinders w/ the ornaments in them...oh, and that little bear nativity is absolutely adorable. I'll bet you got that in Colorado! When I saw the "weenie" doggy in the tree I thought it was real for a moment so no wonder Sophie is patiently waiting for it to come down...LOL...I'm still on cloud 9 about winning your FABULOUS giveaway & will be posting about it after Christmas when everyone has more time to read about it. ♥ Bo
    P.S. Start me a tab on the admission fee

  5. I love pictures of Sophie! Your home is beautiful. I think Christmas cards will soon be things of the past. With the price of postage, the economy, and everyone "going green."

  6. I just love you Bear Nativity!!!
    And - what a great idea...the jars filled with ornaments. I'm gonna have to do that!
    Beautiful Tree! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Wow! You go all out with those decorations! I love the balls in the jars!

  8. Beautiful! You appear to collect snowmen like I do...

    Happy holidays!!!!!!!!!!

  9. It all looks so lovely!

    Merry Christmas

  10. All beautiful one! The birth with the bears precious. I adore your dog
    Merry Christmas!

  11. Very pretty tour...I love the jars with balls and lights, and your tree is just lovely!

  12. I love the decorations. I have however foregone my decorations this year.

    I really like the one of Sophie waiting for the stuffed toy to fall out of the tree, LOL.

  13. just stopping over to say merry Christmas friend!!!!

  14. That is NOTHING compared to some of the decorations of the past. Mom used to go all out when we were kids.I miss those days sometimes LOL


  15. Your home is so gorgeously decorated!!! Hope your holiday was fantastic!


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