Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Vintage Thingie Thursday: Vintage Christmas Estate Sale Finds

Welcome to this weeks installment of Vintage Thingie Thursday. In case you are new here, every Thursday is the day to showcase anything vintage here at Coloradolady. I would love it if you decide to join us. We have lots of fun on Thursdays.

This past weekend I went to a local estate sale in my neighborhood, and what a great bunch of goodies I came home with. It seems the couple who lived there used to run a boarding house on their upstairs floor. They only rented to women, and had the whole top floor set up like a dormitory. It was very interesting. The place was full of great finds, but these vintage Christmas items were coming home with me. I think they are just adorable.

These Santa's are so cute and unusual. They are hard plastic, and about 3 1/2 inches tall. There are no markings on them, so I don't know how old they are, but you can tell that they have some age to them!

This is a top view of the little Santa's. They have a hole in the back where their sack of toys are, I don't know what the hole is for? Maybe putting in a candy cane? Does anyone have a guess. I thought maybe these were party favors of some kind. Anyway, I just think they are cute.

This adorable little jewel was snapped up in a flash. The man who was at the estate sale was bringing boxes down from the attic before he was stopped by the lady running the sale. Poo on her! Anyway, I was lucky enough to snag this out of one of the boxes. I think it is just as sweet as it can be. It is a really great vintage piece and on top of that, it is in great condition. Again, no idea how old this is, all the flowers are plastic, hard plastic and you know you don't see that often these days.

Here is a close-up of the little elf. I think he/she is so cute.

Here is a vintage cardboard Christmas ornament. This is Rudolph. I paid $1.00 for this ornament of paper, but I could not resist the graphics and the charm of this old ornament. It is on my tree as I type this out. I wonder if this was part of a set?

Lastly, I want to show you the jars and ornaments I acquired the same day. I purchased 3 of these old coffee jars. I have a thing for old jars, especially jars this size and shape. They are good for storing and displaying so many things. This one is holding the vintage Shiny Brite ornaments from this same estate sale. I love how the ornaments look in these old jars.

Well, I hope you enjoyed looking at all my finds from the local estate sale in my neighborhood. I considered this a fabulous day! So many vintage Christmas goodies in one place was a real find. I have them all displayed in my home and they are much loved. ~~Can you tell, I get more excited over old things, than new?? I can not help myself. New things just do not hold the same charm as old.

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  1. LUCKY YOU!!! i love your vintage chrissy ornaments especially the sweet little elf...and those jars full of gorgeous baubles are amazing!! i've got a thing for old jars to lol!! and i get just as excited over vintage finds as you stuff just doesn't compare does it!! xx

  2. Hi...Aren't the vintage Christmas things just the cutest...That little paper Rudoloh is my favorite and I would have grabbed him up in a minute. ;-) Bo

  3. You keep your things so nicely that they still look new. I've broken all of my vintage ornaments like the ones you have in the jar. Good idea, by the way.

    If you did this any day but Thursday, I'd be able to participate, but I'm committed to another meme on Thursdays. (sigh) I can't handle more. But, I always come visit.

  4. Oh what fun you must have had finding those wonderful vintage Christmas things. I love the look of those balls in the jar.

    kathy b

  5. You find the neatest items/things...I always love your VTT...I wouldnt know a good thing if it smacked me upside the hayud ;-)

  6. Oh I have just been looking at a book of gorgeous vintage Christmas things, and there on your blog are more! How lovely.
    Sorry I the first Woman of Notes link doesn't work, so I did it again.
    I love the ornaments in the jar. I'm inspired to hit the thrift shops again right now!

  7. You did great at that sale! I love the rudolph and the jar of ornaments. I have many of the same ones.
    I think those santas were party favors. I have a similar one that is a pumpkin head man for Halloween and he came with tiny candies in a bag tucked into the sack space on his back.
    I'm having a giveaway w/ my VTT, so stop on by!

  8. I love your finds! They are just the things to get all Christmasy!

  9. Those are really adorable Christmas items.

    I love big jars too. I have four big old jars I use for canisters. They say Kraft and have a $1.99 price on them :) Now you can hardly get a small jar of Kraft whatever for $1.99... LOL

  10. I totally agree about old stuff having that special charm. I would
    be there right next to you grabing
    the holiday stuff! Love the Santas,
    are they candy containers? not sure.
    Rudolf is so cute, and 70 years old
    this year!! Great finds! And fun!

  11. You did find quite a few treasures; I love Rudolph. I also love the way you displayed the ornaments in glass jars. I just might borrow that idea from you.

  12. You really got great vintage Christmas items at that estate sale.

    My post is about vintage ornaments I found yesterday at a local thrift store.

  13. You lucky, lucky girl. All your finds are wonderful. I have a thing for old jars and these are great..they're so pretty with the ornaments. Have a lovely VTT..

  14. Hi

    I have something for you over at my site.. please stop by!

    Monica (norway)

  15. Maybe the hole in the back of the Santa's is to put those little electrical lights in? You know the one you would also use to light up a Christmas village??

    I don't know but that is what i think.

    Lovely items and I too love old glass jars. I saw a pretty one yesterday and NO I didn't buy it, duh! Stupid I know :(

    Hugs from Marian

  16. Oh, I love that Rudolph ornament! And, you found Shiny Brites there too? Wow.

  17. The big glass jar is a great idea for the Christmas ornaments! You made some great finds at the sale.

  18. Adorable! Lucky you! That Rudolph is too much-quite the handsome fellow.

  19. Ooooh. Rudolph is so cute! :)

  20. All of your treasures are divine....and so unusual.
    Lucky Duck, is all I can say!

  21. Smitten with that sweet androgynous elf! My mom had one very similar that always took up residence in the interior of the tree branches. Happy memories!

  22. I could stare at vintage Christmas ornaments all day. You have a beautiful collection!

  23. I have the same type of Santa, my mother-in-law, used to have on her tree. My two girls and I spilt the set so we all could enjoy them. Ours do not have a sack, but the hole is in the back of the Santa's head. The hole is to put the electric light, (used on the tree) into and the Santa glows! Now that is if the hole is small, as our are! Hope they are they look so wonderful on the tree.

  24. I love old thing better then new too and your Santa's are wonderful! Love all your other treasure too. Hugs, Linda

  25. Oh I LOVE Rudolph. I love reindeer Christmas ornaments, don't you?

    Are you sure the Santa's weren't meant to have a Christmas light stuffed in them? You know what I mean? We had similar Santa heads on our tree!

  26. Estate sales are a great place to find vintage things, even tho it is depressing in a way too. My favorite is the waving Santas.

  27. I was inspired to get out some old quilt blocks from my Grandmother and make stockings today. They look great. I will post the pictures on my blog. Come visit.
    Also, we have 3 dachshunds. I enjoy your pictures of your dogs.

  28. Great News!
    Your blog was nominated for an award!
    please follow this link to view it!!

  29. You found some great vintage Christmas collectibles from the 1950's to early 60's. What a fun day for you! I know just how you feel--and you did get great deals!
    I especially love Rudoloh!
    I also feel the same as you about vintage stuff! Too much fun!
    Blessings to you!
    Claudia O.

  30. I think my favourite is the vintage cardboard ornament - it's really cute! I really need to get my tree up this weekend - I'm running out of time. When I do, I'll post a few vintage ornaments to go with these.

  31. I have a real soft spot for old Christmas ornaments too. I especially like those santas!

  32. I just happened upon your blog today! How lovely and inspiring! You might find this strange, but I have been trying to find someone, anyone who lives in Colorado and can tell me what it is like and I just happened to find you! I am from Duluth, Minnesota and may be moving to Denver next year at this time. I would love to gather your thoughts!
    Emily =)

  33. So many of those ornaments remind me of my youth too, The little elf for instance, We had what looked like flying pink elves on our tree that were cute little plastic elves in different positions with pink velour suits on them. My mothers favorite color was pink, We even had a pink bathroom. Do you know how hard it is to tell if your makeup is right in a brighly pink bathroom? just look pink.

  34. oh, wow! love those old christmas items. i have one of those old santa's that is from my grandma. she was 81 when she passed away so i imagine they are pretty old. i loved the jar full of ornaments! i need to find me some clear jars!!!



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