Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Vintage Thingie Thursday: Vintage Cupcake Picks & Christmas Booklets

Update: I will have a link up the next two weeks for VTT in case you want to drop by and if you want to participate. I still have not completed my show and tell for Christmas!! LOL. If you want to link in, the link will be there. Merry Christmas!

Welcome to this weeks edition of Vintage Thingie Thursday. I can not believe it is the last Thursday before Christmas...I have got to get in high gear! Please feel free to join this lovely group of ladies who like to display their vintage treasures every Thursday.

Just do a post on your blog, link below to the Mr. Linky link, and visit and comment on everyone who is participating and enjoy a trip back in time looking at all the goodies.

This week, I would like to show you a few vintage Christmas items that I found at an estate sale and a flea market. I think they are fun and some of these vintage goodies took me back several years to my childhood.

I purchased this little book at a flea market a few months back. It is from an electrical company and showcases recipes for Christmas. I just fell in love with the graphics in this book.....and well, the recipes too. This is dated 1963. Too bad it was not 1962, the year I was born, that would have made it even more special. This was a staggering price of $1.00. So worth it.

On the inside of the front cover this cute Santa is waving and encourages you to give electrical gifts for Christmas. LOL. Santa did not know that in a few short years, that would be just about the majority of items purchased.....electrical ones! I think the Santa is just charming. Very 1960's.

Here is a shot of the back cover. This booklet is in very good condition, the colorings and all the pages are in very good shape. I think it is very cute and really fell in love with the graphics.

This little book, I purchased at Goodwill for .50 cents. Can you imagine that? It is a Christmas booklet of Christmas poems. There is not a date on this one, but the images inside let you know it is vintage. Possibly late 50's or 60's.

Here is what the inside looks like, full of Christmas poems and cute graphics and pictures. I think this was a great find to add to my vintage Christmas collection.

Lastly, I want to show you something that I just could not pass up. I was at a local estate sale and in a drawer in the kitchen was a little bag with vintage Christmas Cupcake picks. I had to have them. The whole little bag was a bargain at $1.00.

I was immediately taken back to a time when I was little and to a cardboard box my mom kept full of cake decorating things. This box was always so special to me as a little girl. I loved all the cake decorations she kept in that box and some of these very picks were in the box. I would date most of these back to the 1960's.

You should have seen my daughter look of disgust when she saw this little bag of cupcake picks. She said "What did you want that for?" They look "Yucky." It is plain to see that kids today don't get the nostalgia behind items that pull at your heart strings.......that comes with age.

These little Christmas items took me back to a time when I would sit on my mom's kitchen floor while looking at all the little items in a cardboard box she kept for special occasions. It took me to a time when I would sit and look at the cake decorating magazine she kept in that box, all the while, imagining all the baked treats decorated so lovely with these little items. What am I going to do with them? I don't know. Maybe get myself a cardboard box to keep them in until I decide how to use them. ~good stuff.

I hope you enjoyed all these vintage goodies today. Be sure to link to the Mr. Linky link below and show us what you treasure.

Reminder: Friday is the very last day for my final giveaway for the holiday season. If you have not entered, click HERE to do so. Winner will be drawn and announced after noon on Saturday.


  1. Oh I adore the vintage cupcake picks!
    The sweet memories of things from days gone by..... The kids usually
    don't understand our nostalgia for
    old stuff we love. Thanks for the
    wonderful 1960's memories!

  2. I love to find old cookbooks with the vintage illustrations and those picks you found remind me so of being in the kitchen with mother. Could you store them in a pretty, clear jar so that you could still enjoy looking at them while keeping them protected? They are just adorable.

  3. I love all your old things, I still have some of my old childhood decorations :-)

  4. Wow you did well to find all these goodies! I've posted my only vintage christmas thingy today. I love the cup cake picks - so cute.

  5. All of these things are just wonderful, Suzanne. You're right about people appreciating things more as they age. I've always liked old things, but my sister is just starting to appreciate them. I have a bunch of cupcake picks from my mom and I am thinking of putting them in a shadowbox and hanging it in my kitchen.

    Will there be VTT the next 2 Thursdays? Could you add that info to your post?

  6. i love all your vintage chrissy 'stuff' Suzanne!! ahhhh the memories...pure MAGIC!! Have a wonderful Christmas & see you for more VTT fun in 2009 :) xx

  7. i LOVE YOUR VINTAGE THINGS...after the first of the year, when things slow down a bit, I would like to do this Thursday thingy with you.
    Also wanted to say that i am so enjoying my lovely things you sent to me. Thank you again!
    love, bj
    Oh, and did you see that I posted about them today?? I FINALLY got my internet back running again...was down for over a week and it was....AWFUL !!

  8. I love your cupcake picks! And the santa illustrations are so groovy! I'm glad to say my girls are developing a taste for vintage things (what choice do they have, living with me LOL?)

  9. Cupcake picks are great--I used to play with them as a kid--who knew they would be collectable. I especially love the Santa illustration.

  10. I would have bought that cookbook w/Santa on it in a heartbeat! SO are the cupcake pics!

  11. I love the book..but those cupcake picks..oh my gosh, I love them. Happy VTT and thanks so much for hosting us all... this is so much fun. xx

  12. I just picked up a 1966 Christmas booklet from Mountain Fuel Supply Company. I paid .50 for it at DI. I almost posted about it today and decided to save it for next week instead :) When I saw yours it made me smile.

  13. The Vintage Santa pictures were wonderful. And I'm afraid that I also buy stuff like the cupcake picks that is probably junk because of nostalgia!

  14. I adore the atomic Santa! That style of illustration is so fun!

    Love the cupcake picks too!

    I don't think I'll be able to post next Thursday. It's a busy week.

    Have a very very Merry Christmas!!

  15. Depends on how old the kids are. I guess my daughter is old enough to think old stuff is very cool.

    Your Christmas booklets are wonderful.. love those ilustrations.

  16. Dear Suzanne,
    You always find the most delightful vintage stuff! I love the vintage picks! I have been looking out for those myself!
    Your Christmas book finds are charming too!
    Enjoyed as always!
    Blessings to You!
    Claudia O.

  17. Your second book is Ideal, I believe. It was published once a quarter, as I recall, and the Christmas issues were always special.

    lol I didn't think of it, but I could've joined you today. I have a bag of cake decoratives in my kitchen drawer!

  18. I love your cupcake picks!
    Merry Christmas.

  19. It is still hard for me to believe you are out collecting more Christmas items. I know you like vintage things, but Christmas ones I was not sure about. Do whatever turns you on!

  20. I don't have anything vintage.

    I did post about your contest:

  21. I love the book with "give electrical gifts"... these days we forget how expensive and coveted small appliances used to be :)

  22. I really like the cupcake picks! Maybe it reminds me of cupcakes and I LOVE them! :)

  23. Just stopping by to wish you a wonderful holiday! Thanks to you I am starting to learn the meaning of vintage. lol!

  24. I accidentally left my Christmas blog link earlier, so I had to correct it. Sorry! I love this idea and I hope to post things in the future! I wish I had more vintage Christmas stuff, I guess I'll have to keep a better eye out.

  25. Thanks for the memories---how well do I remember those days -- I even remember the cake book--I always ordered everything out of that book when I made your birthday cakes---Maid of Scandanavia---I wish I could find one of those books but I think they are no longer around. Thanks I enjoyed this !!!


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