Thursday, December 4, 2008

Not in December....

For as long as I can remember, growing up I always said I would never have a child born in December. I always felt it was not fair to wait all year for your birthday and then Christmas is in the same month. Nope, I was not going to do that to a child. you can probably guess.....never say never.

Twenty-two years ago today, my beautiful daughter was born. She has been a constant source of joy and pleasure to our lives from day one. It is hard for me to believe that much time has passed. However, I still see her as my "baby girl" no matter what her age.

I scanned these older pictures onto the computer. Here is Alisha one day old. I should have known by the look on her face, things were never going to be the same...but in a good way.

I can hardly believe 21 years ago we were celebrating Alisha's first Birthday. In the month of December. I have always wished that my daughters birthday was not so close to Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I don't remember a time when she complained that her birthday was in December. Those were really my wishes, not hers.

I know growing up it was not easy sharing a birthday month with a cousin and then Christmas too. I always felt that it was difficult for my daughter to know how special she was with so many other things going on at once. Again, maybe that was my perception, not hers. I hope so. I often wonder if other mothers feel the same way about their December babies birth month?

Sometimes, even the best intentions don't work out the way we planned, if they did, I can assure you we would have celebrated Alisha's Birthday in June......when no one I know has a birthday in that month!

I can still hear the words echoing in my head....not in December! Well, like I said... never say never!

I am so proud to say this child went from a sweet little baby to a cute little girl that somehow, overnight developed into the beautiful young lady she is today. She is my sunshine on a cloudy day. Always.

Happy 22nd Birthday Alisha. May all your dreams come true.


  1. Your "baby" came into the world beautiful and just got more so... she looks like she could model... Happy Birthday, Alisha! '-) Bo

  2. Happy Birthday to Alisha!

    She is very pretty!

    And my oldest daughter was born in December too.

    God bless you and your family!

  3. Happy birthday, and uhm MY birthday is on JUNE 13, lol

  4. awwwww that Birthday tribute made me all teary eyed...Happy Birthday Alisha

  5. What a lovely daughter. My sister was born 12/20 and I have to admit she gets cheated every year being so close to Christmas. Maybe we should set aside a nice, summery day to treat them to a special day of fun!

  6. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!

    Funny thing...I always said the same December babies! My nephew was born Dec 13th and he always got screwed out of Xmas stuff because his birthday was so close.

    Rewind 18 years ago...I find out not only am I pregnant, but I'm due Dec 13th! And then, my son decided not to arrive until Dec 27th! I spent Xmas day with my legs tightly crossed, refusing to go into labor and have a Xmas baby! LOL

  7. I know what you mean. My mom's birthday was Dec. 20th, and my baby boy's is Dec. 31st.

    Happy Birthday to your baby girl.

  8. A very nice way to send a birthday greeting. Happy birthday Alish Girl.

  9. Happy birthday Alisha!

    She's beautiful!

  10. She is absolutely lovely! A beautiful daughter! happy birthday day to her!

  11. Awww. She's beautiful. From one December baby to another, please tell her Happy Birthday!! :)

  12. Happy Birthday to a very cute girl!
    I have a December Birthday too, and I was always jealous of my siblings when I was younger. Sometimes my Birthday and Christmas was one in the same.

  13. Happy Birthday. I entered your contest, but wanted to wish this cute young lady a Happy Birthday.

  14. Lovely daughter...your words expressed exactly how I feel about my own baby girl, now 32, with her own baby girl.

  15. I always said that I would let my children do whatever they wanted. Thankfully, when I had children, I knew that was ludicrous. Now they are productive adults. Never say Never! Great post.

  16. Awww... she's lovely.

    You're first mistake was to make a plan. That's when God starts laughing :)

  17. What a lovely young woman! Happy Birthday Alisha!

  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALISHA!!!! I love You !!!


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