Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Christmas Spirit is going to the Dogs!

I am so sure if you have been following my blog for the last few weeks, you are aware of the giveaways going on around here.

Each week, I set up to take the photos, organize the prizes to be photographed, write the post, and then put everything away...all with a little help. Em.....not quite the help I want let me add. You see the nice white fluffy snow, in each of my photographs? Well, that has been of particular interest to Dora from the get-go.

You see, Dora has really been aggravated with me. She wants to shred the snow, see the goodies, then, sits at the computer while I am trying to write my post. She wants to be in the middle of it all. This particular day, I had just about reached the end of my rope with her. She was acting like a child. I even suggested she find something else to do....and guess what? That is just exactly what she did.

This is the scene that unfolded when I walked around the corner to the kitchen get a cold soda. (I had to back out very quietly to get the camera)

According to Dora:

"I can make my own snow for my own giveaway.....see, this is just as nice as the snow my mama used."

"Yep, this snow will do just fine. If I can not help my mama with her giveaways, then I think I will just make my own."

" Boy, digging in the snow is hard work."

"Don't you worry my little boo-boo dog, it is called sacrificing for the good of the whole....and it is Christmas after all. Be of good cheer!"

"Man, I did not realize how much snow I was going to need......wait?" "What is that I hear......footsteps?..."

" Oh, no, someone is coming, and I am not finished yet....I am trying to hurry...."

" Just a little bit more..........please, just a little bit more! "

DORA!!!!!! What are you doing?????

"Oh boy, this might not be good. She sounds mad.....can someone remind her that it is Christmas?"

DORA! Come here. What do you think you are doing???

"Um....spreading Christmas Cheer????? No???"

This was the mess I saw under the Christmas tree.......

Oh, I get it. Dora is trying to decide which toy to add to the snow for her giveaway.....NOT.

You two had better get this mess cleaned up and get those toys back in the toy box. Snappy like.

" Hum. You ruin all the fun. Where is your Christmas spirit? You seem to have plenty of it, what about the dogs around here? Can't I have any fun?"

"Don't look at me.....I just wanted to see what all the commotion was about...."Bah Humbug!"


  1. That was really cute.. and Christmas has really gone to the dogs at your house...too funny. thanks so much for sharing...hugs and smiles Gloria

  2. SO CUTE, lol

    Something my Kitten Elvis would do too, lol. I don't have my tree up yet, but I am dreading what he will do with it, yikes!!
    It will be our first Christmas together, he is only a little over 6 months old :)

    Hugs from Marian

  3. Hi Suzanne... I loved reading this!
    You told a great pictorial story...
    but look at sweet little Dora's puppy dog eyes...who could stay mad with her for very long. ;-) Bo

  4. OMG how adorable is that dog! The one with the snow in her mouth is precious beyond words...nothing like caught in the act! I would enlarge that and frame it.
    My dog cant get any cuter either..I could stay home and cuddle with her forever.

  5. Dora is precious. The one photo looks like she is saying: "uh-oh!"

  6. awwwww Dora is a-DORA-ble!!! I LOVED the pics and captions thats too cute

  7. What else is left for those "babies" to do. They may have to get an agent as well.

  8. Oh, I got all excited when I saw your title! You know how I love to see your babies! This is a cute post, but my favorite, Sophie, is not seen enough. She's the one who makes me remember mine (now in Doggie Heaven).

    BTW: You're creative putting these pics with a story.

  9. And who says dogs can't talk?

    That was great!


  10. She is just toooo cute for words!


  11. Hehehe.. that's so funy put together!! I love dogs eyes.. they look so guilty sometimes.. haha


  12. OMG, that little face is too much. Adorable!

  13. Hahah!!! We have Airedale Terriers. We have to be careful what we leave where - must be the black and tan in them, huh? :)

  14. Hi Suzanne,

    I just happened on your blog not too long ago and see that you have two adorable doxies, so do I. We also have a red one, Kizzy and a black one, Macy. I have a hard time getting them to look at the camera for a picture, how did you do it? Your Dora does the same thing that our Kizzy Lu does and I am forever doing "surgery" on her toys. LOL


  15. Such cute doggie pics!

    I wanted to stop by and remind you that the deadline to ship the Secret Santa Gift is December 10th. Please send Georgie or I a email amydoo @ sbcglobal . net and give us the Delivery Confirmation Number. Gifts are being received as we speak so you can check out the posts on our blogs to see the latest. If you have received a SSS gift please leave either of us a comment and just write received in it somewhere.

  16. Come on! Dora needs the love, too!

  17. Lordy, Lordy...this is exactly what our male corgi does to anything stuffed! We call him Killer...he's the sweetest, most loveable, laid back corgi...but he must "gut" any little stuffed toy. We always have "snow" littering our home.

  18. This is so funny. The rest of my family would just watch. I would be grabbing the camera, too!! Every minute is a "Kodak" minute.

  19. ROFL!!! That looks like something that would happen in my house! and the guilty face! oh cute!

  20. That is too funny! Our dog does the same thing. She has a toy skunk that she has pulled the tail off of, then pulled the stuffing (aka "snow") out of the resulting hole. She also managed to get the squeaker out and ruined it. My daughter re-stuffed Skunkie and sewed the hole shut. Now Cookie gnaws at the stitches, trying to open Skunkie back up and pull the stuffing out again! Wonder why they like to do that?

  21. That is such a cute post. She was really getting into helping you!!

  22. Oh that last look of Dora's is one I see OFTEN around here ;)

  23. Thanks for sharing your doggies with me. My doxie has to be in the middle of everything too, or on my lap! :)

  24. TOOOOO Cute! I really enjoyed Dora's antics! :-)

  25. Dora and my Bella must be from the same lines, She likes to sneak and do the same thing. The bigger the mess, the better she likes it.

  26. I tried not to comment again, but really when I saw the toy's stuffing all over the pups stuffed toys have never lasted over 2 weeks, someone ALWAYS guts them!
    You seem to have lots in their little toy basket so your pups must not always rip them open!
    I'm in love with these precious pups!


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