Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Resolutions: Honoring the Joy

I decided not to make New Year's Resolutions this
year, Lord knows I need to, but I will not follow through. I am just keeping it real here!

Instead, I think it would be more beneficial to me to make a Joy List. Sometimes, I get so bogged down with life, I forget to look for the joy. Along with my joy list I am going to set for myself realistic goals that I know I can accomplish.

So, think about your own joy list and what you would put on that list. Mine will be an ongoing process....stay tuned....

  1. Gifts of the Heart
  2. Having the freedom to choose
  3. Re finding oneself
  4. Knowing I am loved


  1. I think that's a great idea! So many people are so hard on themselves after they make unrealistic resolutions.
    Have a wonderful new year!

  2. So very thankful that your father in law's surgery went well and will keep him in my prayers. I think your JOY list is a very uplifting idea!

  3. I love this thought. I stopped making resolutions years ago, but I set a lot of happy goals. I don't worry too much when I don't make them.

  4. A joy list is a good idea. I never make resolutions anyway!

    I'm so happy to learn that your FIL went through his surgery so well. God is good.

  5. good idea !!! That would be good for all of us---and a"what am I thankful for" list----we all have things to be thankful for but forget them I think ---too often---we take a lot of things for granted.Glad to hear the good news about Jim--- will keep praying for him.

  6. I LOVE THIS PICTURE !!!! Some JOY here.

  7. Hello Suzanne...I don't know how I missed the post about your F-I-L's surgery, but probably because I've been down with a nasty cold & haven't been on the computer as much. Thanks to God for seeing him through this! I'm counting you as one of my joys this year!
    Happy New Year & hugs, ♥ Bo

  8. Happy New Year, Suzanne!!! Thank you for always putting a smile on my face...

  9. A Joy List - how lovely...I'm getting out my paper and pen now!
    Have a Happy, Health, Joy Filled New Year!

  10. I'm so glad your f-i-l came through the surgery with flying colors. Will be praying for rehab to go just as well. I think a joy list is a great idea! Much better than making resolutions that are doomed before New Year's first week is finished! My joy list will be a lot longer than a resolution list! Hope you have a wonderful 2009. laurie

  11. I love that idea about a joy list. It's great to hear so many other people's ideas all the time.

  12. Hang in there! 2009 is going to be a better year for us all.

  13. Hi Suzanne,
    Love the idea of a Joy list. I'm so glad that Jim's surgery went well. Keeping y'all in my prayers!

  14. Sweet picture....where ever did you find it? - LOL ~ Robyn

  15. This is such a wonderful idea!!

  16. Suzanneeee,
    You don't have the Coke Salad recipe on there!!
    haha, I'll see you soon!



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